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  1. Xevrex

    CS:GO Key Giveaway – Create A ValveTime Tagline -- You can't make puns on "halflife2" now, so no more posting "" advice threads, you sad, sad people
  2. Xevrex

    If the Universe is infinite, then we have a problem

    I'd posit that considering there is likely to be a finite amount of types of elements in space, since higher and higher energies are required to force more and more protons/neutrons/electrons together into a single atom, there would be a finite amount of permutations. The only way there would...
  3. Xevrex

    Battlefield 3

    Did you play a game on the /v/ server unozero? Some guy there had your name and I asked him and he never replied. Also, I have never seen so much greentexting in one video game.
  4. Xevrex

    The NDAA cometh

    If Obama signs this, then the only last thing that can defeat it is the Supreme Court. And if they do nothing about it, even though it so obviously just steps all over constitutionality, then this quote suddenly becomes even more applicable than it was before: "When government surveillance and...
  5. Xevrex

    Stop Complaining Americans!

    I hope this is a troll post, but let me remind people that presidents cannot be impeached WITHOUT REASONABLE EVIDENCE TO HAVING COMMITTED HIGH CRIMES, high crimes being defined by the constitution as treason, bribery, etc. Reasonable evidence is the only way to convince the House to indict the...
  6. Xevrex

    Steve Jobs dead at 56

    Oh goddamnit you beat me to it Escaep
  7. Xevrex

    The Unoffical Minecraft server 3.0

    Username: Xevrex (of course)
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    Literature: Rate and Discuss

    The Kite Runner, Khaled Hosseini - 9/10 Absolutely amazing book. A little slow to start, but the grotesque hook that comes along sets the suspense and excitement going for the reader, then calming down but still going at a good pace as the protagonist reckons with his internal conflict. The...
  9. Xevrex

    The Mother of all anti-privacy bills [might] become law in the US

    Wouldn't this be liable for judicial review concerning the Fourth Amendment (protection against unwarranted search/seizure) and Fourteenth Amendment (the liberty clause saying liberty cannot be deprived without due process of law) to declare this law unconstitutional? It certainly seems that...
  10. Xevrex

    Bill S.978 will make lets plays illegal

    The bill states that the uploader/streamer must make a profit off of his videos/streams or else there is no problem. The bill doesn't outlaw all videos and streams, only those that make money. So LPs and videogame streams are safe as long as no-one makes a profit off of others' intellectual...
  11. Xevrex

    How about some BF2?

    So, I heard this game is better than its successors? I'm downloading it right now from the sale, I'm pretty excited. BC2 is great, and I've heard great things about BF2, just not sure what I should expect. (by the time anyone replies to this though I should be playing it) It would nice to get...
  12. Xevrex

    Portal 2 - Valve's Last Isolated Single-player?

    This is pretty relevant and elaborates further on Valve's new policy concerning single-player and more social game-types.!5799661/valve-turns-to-singleplayer+plus-not-no-more-singleplayer-says-chief Full interview: These serve to...
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    Literature: Rate and Discuss

    How so? I loved Gatsby, it captured my attention more than any book I've read this year has, and that's out of Huck Finn, Frederick Douglass, and The Scarlet Letter. It didn't try to be too complicated but was crafted well enough to indicate its literary meaning without flourish-y writing like...
  14. Xevrex

    S.T.A.L.K.E.R. MMO website up Just heard about this, apparently it's very recent, only posted a few hours ago. However, as you can see, it's all in Russian, so if anyone who can read Russian wants to translate for us, that would be a great help.
  15. Xevrex

    Bad Company 2 - Vietnam

    What if you have no gamesettings.ini file? EDIT: Nevermind, realised where it was.
  16. Xevrex

    Planetside Next to launch March 2011

    ****, I should resub and get my character leveling up again at some Tower of Power or something like that. Maybe go on a gen-blowing spree or something.
  17. Xevrex

    Planetside Next to launch March 2011

    God, I spent probably 3 years of my life on that game. I was Emerald TR in a shitty outfit called Dark Skyes and it took me a ****long time to get to 25/5 because I sucked with the MCG. Also plenty of butthurt assholes and trolls on that game, but the community was great nonetheless.
  18. Xevrex, I do not understand simple maths....

    God, I consider myself pretty good at math(s) (not to wave e-dick around because I'm always paranoid of that but) goddamn if I can't ****ing figure out some of the "number theory"/probability shit on that test. There's nothing I can't do on the SAT but I always trick myself into getting bad...
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    Personality changes

    Well either way, I fit none of the diagnostic criteria of asperger's as listed in the DSM-IV. So that's ruled out.
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    Personality changes