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  1. AtomicSpark

    What could Half Life 3 bring ?

    Neither will Half-life 3.
  2. AtomicSpark

    What OS are you on?

    Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit and Debian 7 64-bit
  3. AtomicSpark

    2014: Year of the Space Combat Sim.

    Source. Now. It's the only RTS game that I enjoyed playing/was decent at (in MP).
  4. AtomicSpark

    Problem with steam games- TF2 , Garrys Mod, CSS

    Those are graphical artifacts and usually are related to overheating.
  5. AtomicSpark

    Batman: Arkham Origins

    It has been fixed.
  6. AtomicSpark

    Hyperbole and a Half is back after several year hiatus

    Every time I play an online game I think of this cartoonist.
  7. AtomicSpark

    So They Made a Children's Book Based on That Ylvis Youtube Video...

    I Hate This Song. I'd rather listen to Miley Cyrus.
  8. AtomicSpark

    GTA V announced

    Oh. That makes me feel better. I'm like anal and stopped playing for a bit for fear that I've missed out on something.
  9. AtomicSpark

    Breaking Bad - Season 5

    You're welcome.
  10. AtomicSpark

    GTA V announced

    So, are some of the Strangers & Freaks missions missable? I've completed the first heist and regrouped with the other two. Now some of Franklen's Strangers & Freaks question mark thing is missing. The one with the street race. :\
  11. AtomicSpark

    Gary Newtman is a dad

    Jeremy's Mod. Lol.
  12. AtomicSpark

    :V !

    Ceiling light?
  13. AtomicSpark

    Breaking Bad - Season 5

    Way to ruin the surprise. That makes sense. :|
  14. AtomicSpark

    Tropes Vs. Women - Who will win?

  15. AtomicSpark

    Fake HL2:Ep3 trailer

    This. We've played TTT on that map many, many times.
  16. AtomicSpark

    Valve is going to surprise us with something apparently!

    Every time they have "a surprise" it's been something disappointing. Not going to let myself get disappointed. Half-Life what?
  17. AtomicSpark

    Looking for a 120hz monitor

    16:9 :(
  18. AtomicSpark

    Homeworld IP sold to anonymous buyer.

    Yes. Pretty much the only RTS that I've actually enjoyed playing.
  19. AtomicSpark


    I see a pattern...