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  1. nofreeman


    God damn terrosist attack in my home town today, whats this world coming too.
  2. nofreeman


    **** im old now, im buying my own house!
  3. nofreeman

    Who's about?

    Hey everyone hope you had a good 2017
  4. nofreeman

    how's it going, what's up in your life, and who are all these people

    Stopped smoking weed and brought a ****ing sweet car!
  5. nofreeman

    New Valve blog: Valve Economics

  6. nofreeman

    My G-Man Theory (Never heard anyone else say it before.)

    Dunno man, This whole space time travel and stasis is kinda big for a Governor.
  7. nofreeman

    Happy 10th Birthday Half-Life 2

    God damn when will the agony end, come on 2015.
  8. nofreeman

    Yet more Half-Life theories and some stuff about HL3

    But remember you have the Vortigaunts, who in which seem as powerful as him but only when united as group maybe? I could only hope they come at the fall of to share knowledge of the Gman and maybe transport you to the where the borealis is located.
  9. nofreeman

    Ban time.

    i havn't made a shitty thread in a while, so i think it should be me.
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    damn i love my new computer
  11. nofreeman

    Thoughts: Half-Life 3 Won't Come Out?

    2015 is the year for Valve i hope :dead:
  12. nofreeman

    Game of Thrones thread with lots of books spoilers inside spoiler tags

    Wish the made Tyrion with green and black eyes, would have made it for me.
  13. nofreeman

    Films: Rate and Discuss

    Cavill’s performance is his ability to show control over his emotions. This means that he doesn't have to rely on dialogue to portray his emotions; his facial expression and body language tend to be enough to carry the scene. Granted, with a lack of control, Superman would not be able to keep a...
  14. nofreeman

    Films: Rate and Discuss

    Pacific Rimjob- 4.52 / 10 Glorified cheesy flim, with mediocre action sequences, lets stop the apocalypse yayyy!! at least they didn't kiss in the end. This is the end- 8 / 10 Oh god i haven't laugh this hard in a while and the cum scene was gold.. did lack in some stages but overall i...
  15. nofreeman

    Bioshock: Infinite [no spoilers]

    ADMIN MESSAGE: Please put spoiler tags around stuff like that next time. I had to edit your post to prevent possible spoilers for those who haven't played it.
  16. nofreeman

    New Zealand Earthquakes

    damn just had a aftershock woahh
  17. nofreeman

    How often do you check/are on

    Use to everyday, but now its once every week, not even that now.
  18. nofreeman

    Post your latest purchases with pics (NO STOCK IMAGES)

    black ops was $143 at Eb games but at the warehouse it comes in at $109 and i still regret my choice to buy it.