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  1. Axyon

    3rd C&C faction to be revealed.

    Holy christ, that logo sucks.
  2. Axyon

    lePobz changes avatar, aftershocks felt worldwide

    Hardly thread-worthy.
  3. Axyon

    If I were an Xbox 360 owner, what games would I want?

    Yeah, definitely Dead Rising and Saints Row. GRAW's good fun for a SP game, but don't go looking for much in the MP. PGR3's also fantastic, even if you're not a racing game fan. I'm not, and I still think it's brilliant.
  4. Axyon

    Steve Irwin! Oh Noes!

    Yeah, South Park pretty much used up all the funny on that idea already.
  5. Axyon

    Shaun Of The Dead

    Tamsin Greig. The other party's got Matt Lucas, Reece Shearsmith and Jessica Stevenson (of course), among others.
  6. Axyon

    Rainbow 6 demo (360)

    No. This game is a huge step in the right direction. Raven Shield, while a great game, was hugely flawed with poor AI and dozens of other bugs. If it means sacrificing a little of the realism for the slick graphics and intelligent team-mates, then so be it.
  7. Axyon

    Rainbow 6 demo (360)

    If I recall correctly, your Hard Drive's full.
  8. Axyon

    Niceragua bans abortion for rape victems/women at risk of dying

    It's more like a bell curve, where we peaked not too long ago.
  9. Axyon

    Niceragua bans abortion for rape victems/women at risk of dying

    Screw the people that say humanity is progressing. We may be advancing technologically, but socially we're completely backward.
  10. Axyon

    24: Season 6 Trailer

    Ah, but there's a strong correlation between Jack shaving off his beard and some terrorists getting their arses kicked.
  11. Axyon

    EA sells in game money for real world money

    Oddly enough, the thing that surprises me more than EA pulling this kind of shit is the fact that you can only download them once. That doesn't strike me as very EA.
  12. Axyon

    Rainbow 6 demo (360)

    It's a bloody good demo. Already been mentioned a number of times, but it's a good mix of realism and arcade - something to keep everyone happy. Good to see that the 'realistic' mode is a decent challenge as well. I bulldozed in, thinking it wouldn't be that much harder and got shot in the face...
  13. Axyon

    First Hot Fuzz teasers

    I'd imagine so, as Shaun was pretty big over there. Anyway, I love the Shaun callback in the second teaser. The DVD in the bargain bin was a nice touch too.
  14. Axyon

    First Hot Fuzz teasers

    Late by a few days, but the first two teasers for Simon Pegg, Nick Frost and Edgar Wright's (Spaced/Shaun of the Dead team, for those uninformed) new film have been released. It's a clichéd police story parody, and while it looks like it's going to be one of the finest British action films in a...
  15. Axyon

    New Crysis reference comparison images

    Uh, yes you do. Those are nice shots, but without hi-res shots for evidence, they could be low res textures for all we know. Many games can be made to look awesome if you just compress the image size.
  16. Axyon

    Lost season III *spoilers*

    Knowing nothing about the subject, it's true on the basis that the other two examples he gave actually happened. However, more imporantly - SPOILER Locke next week! :D
  17. Axyon

    The Manditory 1,000 Posts thread!

    You hear that? It's the reset train, and it's coming your way!
  18. Axyon

    Saint's Row Thread! :) (bits of spoilers)

    Back on topic.
  19. Axyon

    Saint's Row Thread! :) (bits of spoilers)

    I've already said this countless times, but the game's brilliant. Stillwater's crammed with so much stuff to do, and the customisation aspects of the game never get old - cars, clothes, appearance. So unique.
  20. Axyon

    Descent: Freespace

    Yeah, but it's later on in the game when you steal the Dragon fighter (awesome part, by the way) Plus, FS2 doesn't have that fantastic moment where you initially ally with the Vasudans to fight the Shivan threat. What was once your greatest enemy is now your closest friend.