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    It's time to play Half-Life 2

    Really? The goal was to get Valve to communicate. Valve have not communicated. This has not been a success in any way. Edit: Man, I can't believe I have 807 posts on here.
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    Portal 2 DLC Released + Portal 2 50% Off

    Mini-review I posted on another forum: Right, so I just played through the DLC. They added "challenge" mode to SP and co-op, but it is just all of the existing levels, just timed and with # of portals used, and it shows your result on a graph compared to the rest of the community, as well as...
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    Portal 2 DLC Released + Portal 2 50% Off

    Funnily enough, right-clicking on Portal 2 and trying to find out about donwloadable content reveals that this DLC does not count as DLC. Instead it's just a 750mb update that Valve assumes you want when it next updates Portal 2.
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    Is GLaDOS still GLaDOS? {Spoilers}

    Don't feed the troll.
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    Portal 2 summer mapping contest winners announced, GLaDOS resumes testing

    I downloaded these and played them last night. Infinifling is very easy and straight forward. Very nice level decoration and theatrics, but the level itself is straight forward and pretty obvious, and there's not really much mid-air portalling at all. Patent Pending is very well done...
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    It seems possible that single-player DLC maps released by Valve may have us playing as Rattman, either in the time period between Portal and Portal 2 (no GLaDOS dialogue required then), or sometime after Chell has left in P2.
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    Custom map: Sphere of Roundness!

    Just gave it a whirl. Nice use of mechanics with the turbines, and good re-use of areas. Did like the use of water, although I think the ticking on the fire wasn't really needed - until the final part where the timing definitely did matter, so I guess you had to introduce the concept earlier...
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    Deleted Caroline Message [Spoilers]

    This seems to imply that downloading someone into an AI isn't so much making a copy of their personality, but rather transferring their mind into the computer and therefore 'killing' them? Interesting that they'd portray it like that, particularly when Cave talks about storing someone's mind on...
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    Portal 2 controversy

    You expect everyone that plays a sequel, must have played the original game (how many HL2 players have played HL1?)? Or must have paid attention to all aspects of the original game (remember, that quote is from a rather hectic point in that game)? Or maybe, since Portal actually came out a while...
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    I has confuse

    Replacing my post because I thought of an example of a moving portal in portal 2: when you cut off the vents/whatever going into the neurotoxin generator, it requires placing portals on the wall panels that move horizontally along so you can cut them with the laser.
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    The Fact Core

    Yes, and the plural of passer by is passers by. That's also why I want Hilary to be president - then we would have Presidents Clinton. 87% of all magic tricks are not really magic. Technically, they are sorcery.
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    Custom map: Sphere of Roundness!

    Played both maps. Sphere of roundness doesn't seem much changed; just technical touch ups as you listed. Faith plate map has excellent level design again, really looks like it could be a valve map - good job! You're right about there not be very much puzzly stuff in it though, it is fairly...
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    List of 30 Portal 2 Easter Eggs (Spoilers)

    I was disappointed that there weren't any real behind-the-scenes observation-room sections in Portal 2 like there were in Portal.
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    Custom map: Sphere of Roundness!

    One way to fix the disintegrating cube would be to have the player jump up bit higher and hit a slanted surface that pushes them towards the laser area. That way you can still look down the hole and see the cube sitting on the button. It would make the immediate next step a bit more puzzling...
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    Reepblue Short Portal 2 Maps

    We should probably have a general thread for custom maps. Here's another one I played today that was very good: The first chamber is a bit cramped and doesn't feel Valve-like at all, but the later ones are very good.
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    Custom map: Sphere of Roundness!

    Good map. It wasn't particularly head-scratching or tricky to work out (unlike some of the co-op ones). But that in itself is a good thing. I liked the massive leap and fly-over of the arena at the start. However it also wasn't very obvious where the exit was - rather than working towards a...
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    Post- Half Life future hinted at in Portal 2 (SPOILERS!)

    Why is it a field of wheat? Why is Wheatley named Wheatley? Coincidence? As altceva says, "combine" harvesters are used to harvest wheat. Wheatley is secretly a combine spy!
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    Post- Half Life future hinted at in Portal 2 (SPOILERS!)

    Really? You think in a massive facility the size of Aperture, the clocks would be one of the first things to break? Even the power reactor that GLaDOS says that Wheatley has decided not to operate correctly and is in imminent danger of exploding? Like I said, the 6th 9 was glitchy, so it could...
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    Valve: No PS Move or 3D support in Portal 2; hints at Portal 3

    This is mostly what it says in the thread title. Doug Lombardi has ruled out 3D and PlayStation move support in Portal 2, and says it will have to wait for Portal 3 or another title. I am in no way saying that this is Valve saying Portal 3 is going to happen, but the fact that he specifically...
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    Post- Half Life future hinted at in Portal 2 (SPOILERS!)

    Yeah, so we can say from the in-game malfunctioning timer that it is, at least, several hundred years after Portal 1 and similar Half-Life time period. The announcer at the start reads out 5 clear 9's, and a glitchy 9 where it starts stuttering in the middle, unclear whether that was an 'error'...