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  1. TheOriginalEvil

    Half life 2 t-shirt

    Ahh! All new faces...
  2. TheOriginalEvil

    Winning Maps and CS:Source Update

  3. TheOriginalEvil

    Half-Life 2 -- The Success Continues

    I appreciate you explaining yourself, I see what you mean.
  4. TheOriginalEvil

    Half-Life 2 -- The Success Continues

    20-01-2005, 06:37 PM What Thread? And yes I completely get the meaning of the question, I want to see your proof you offered.
  5. TheOriginalEvil

    Half-Life 2 -- The Success Continues

    It probably would have been cooler had you told us, before they released the numbers. :rolleyes: Half-life has been out longer?.. I would like to see the selling trends.
  6. TheOriginalEvil

    WTF? Valve playing the game for us?

    Omg, good going.
  7. TheOriginalEvil

    Internet validation hoses single player

    I laughed a bit when I saw this statement. Big deal. You had to wait a weekend, Ooooo.
  8. TheOriginalEvil

    Is anyone else just not that excited about HL2DM?

    Someone always doesn't agree with the masses, and has to post the thread about it.
  9. TheOriginalEvil

    Have you ever met someone famous ?

    I hope your joking or something because Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is 6' 5"! Ohh and I met Jack Nicholas and Dale Earnhardt, Jr., and Tony Stewart.
  10. TheOriginalEvil

    Pacers vs. Pistons

    Yes, your right, it was awesome to watch, and yes o'neal jack that guy good, but I really wanted to take one of those detroit fans on myself, thats how mad it made me.
  11. TheOriginalEvil

    New Forum I am an admin in

    Letters I love your avatar man.
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    Pacers vs. Pistons

    Both teams in the fault but **** the piston fans, ever single one of them that threw beverages at the pacers. I don't know if any of you guys even watched it, or are into NBA but I am very dissapointed in those fans.
  13. TheOriginalEvil

    Doom3 getting a gravity gun !?

    The Grabber... What a good name..... =/
  14. TheOriginalEvil

    Lemar at end of credits

    I Take this back, you actually have to beat the game again to view it, thanks anyways.
  15. TheOriginalEvil

    Lemar at end of credits

    There is supposed to be lemar at the end of the credits that I missed... but for some reason I replayed the credits and nothing happens?! Anyone know?
  16. TheOriginalEvil

    If I Ever See A Spider....

    I think he's refering to the black headcrabs.
  17. TheOriginalEvil

    For those that say HL2 is too Linear.

    Example, how are they going to remove the force fields in the Citidel without having to let the player go through the whole building.... They did it for a reason and that reason is stated above by me and EVIL.
  18. TheOriginalEvil

    Vote For Hl 2!!

  19. TheOriginalEvil

    For those that say HL2 is too Linear.

    Many top game developers said, adding a highend physics system to a game would be a nightmare, and would give the player too many options. Thus, Valve took it upon themselves to do this, the only possible way it to make the game linear, otherwise players would have to easy of a time...
  20. TheOriginalEvil

    Dog is the Shit

    I just got to Anticitizen and holy shit Dog kicks combine ass.....