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  1. JFry


    Mr. Numbers I don't always agree with your ideologies but you've always seemed like a genuinely good guy and I know this is something that has been a long term goal for you. For that I say congratulations on your accomplishment and good luck in the future. Plz don't murder my family.
  2. JFry

    Would it have been okay to ask for Pictures? (

    I'm gonna succumb to some stereotypes and make some assumptions here. If you are too shy to ask out a stripper you probably wouldn't enjoy the reality of dating a stripper.
  3. JFry help me thread

    I think it's important to show lenience to someone willing to attempt to communicate in a language other than their native tongue. That being said, I don't think most of your errors can be attributed to not fully knowing the language. For example, you've spelled "with" correctly before, so I...
  4. JFry

    Stop Complaining Americans!

    ^ Exactly. I think capitalism is the best system man has invented so far for dealing with the economy. However it's clearly not perfect and I don't understand why some people get so upset when you suggest anything else. At it's core capitalism rewards greed, and it becomes more obvious every...
  5. JFry

    Stop Complaining Americans!

    I'm torn on this one. On the one hand I agree with you that in relation to most of the rest of the world we have it very good and lead pretty easy lives. On the other hand in the context of the 99% vs the 1% thing I think the super rich take it to a whole new level. Think Paris Hilton, jersey...
  6. JFry

    If there's anything to put you in a bad mood..

    I agree games back in the 8 -16 bit era were much harder what we have today (and have had for quite some time). The only somewhat recent thing that reminded me of the difficulty is diablo 2 hardcore mode, which is awesome imo aside from horrible lag deaths. I think lost levels from super mario...
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    Rosa: amateur sci-fi short film

    well I'll say it that was pretty badass. Wish it was more than just the fight basically but the whole thing came together nicely and made me want to see more.
  8. JFry

    Music: Rate and Discuss

    Kool Keith is really lyrically creative but most of his stuff is so out there and just plain weird I don't think he'll ever be mainstream. Fun fact: he was my avatar for the first few years after I joined the forum. Here's the song that got me into him.
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    Iran's Navy parks itself next to US in show of defiance

    Anybody know what happened with this? I'm assuming the US has reacted to this by now.
  10. JFry

    Hot Lesbian kicked off Airplane after kissing her Girlfriend

    excuse me miss, the guy in front of me is gonna need a new seat.
  11. JFry

    Person of Interest (Jonathan Nolan, Micheal Emerson, JJ Abrams)

    I can't help but like benjamin linus. Reminds me of eagle eye done better and more believable. The scene in the car reminds me of se7en which is great.
  12. JFry

    How to augment your body [do it yourself]

    Really interesting video, she's quite a character. I wonder if her surgeries involve working with nerve endings to some kind of leads on the device or if she just plops something on a bundle of nerves and sews it up. I have to say I have a lot of respect for this chick. She realizes the...
  13. JFry

    My computer won't turn on :(

    I think what you did is probably good enough. My last computer has been acting like this for about a year and it only affects it during start up. I just have to go thru the routine of flipping the psu switch on and off before I try to power on the computer, but once I do it runs fine. Sorry...
  14. JFry

    My computer won't turn on :(

    The power switch thing can indicate a failing power supply. Did you wait before flipping the switch back to the on position? Give it 10 minutes just to be sure, and during this time hold down the power button on the front of the case for 10 seconds as well. That BIOS setting simply determines...
  15. JFry

    My computer won't turn on :(

    It's not that it isn't possible that it is the power button, it's just that there are a bunch of other things that are far more likely to be the problem. One way of finding out would be to switch the connectors for your power and reset buttons on your motherboard and test it. However if you...
  16. JFry

    My computer won't turn on :(

    Unless you were inside the case pulling on wires connected to your power button it's probably not that. Generally when a pc is overheating it will still turn on, but turn off again rapidly when it's sensors tell it it is overheating. I wouldn't rule out overheating(so it may be worth...
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    Real Life Member Meetup

    I do feel compelled to drive across the country to camp with you and I will most certainly be bringing my guns. In fact, I'll bring enough guns for everybody. Also, we should play kickball.
  18. JFry

    Pondering buying a new PC, upgrade vs very high-end?

    That PSU is probably overkill, use a psu calculator to determine what you need (probably closer to 500-600). The money spent on liquid cooling is usually better spent on better processor with a traditional heatsink/fan (which you can still oc with anyway). Overclocking can reduce the longevity...
  19. JFry

    Pondering buying a new PC, upgrade vs very high-end?

    I'll echo the sentiment that it is very easy and rewarding to build your own but if you don't want to do it I'd go with the custom computer store. 2300 euro is about $3300 US which imo is wayyy too much for a pc. The markup on cutting edge parts is exponentially high, I go with stuff that is...