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    CSS Menu screen background changed

    thank you very much.
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    CSS Menu screen background changed

    any way to change it back?
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    CSS Menu screen background changed

    Ok my CSS menu screen background has somehow ben changed. It now has a different picture and says on the picture. I'm assuming it somehow got changed when I joined a server. IS there a way to change it back?
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    Wierd thing with steam offline

    I have the same problem. I can't play anything on steam without being on the internet.
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    HL2 Street Date broken?!?! by EB?
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    Wheres the publicity?

    I remeber seeing commercials for The Sims and the expansions. Hmmm isn't The Sims the #1 selling PC game of all time? Probably because they advertised. I've also seen ones for EQ2 recently.
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    Gold Package just arrived, yay!

    I ordered mine on Oct. 7th at 14:52 EST. I hope it's on its way.
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    Gold Package just arrived, yay!

    Thos of you who got their's, what day did you order it?
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    How to track your gold copy!

    I ordered on day one and apparently it didn't ship yet USA 18018
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    How to track your gold copy!

    I ordered on day one, no results for my area. unless it's been delivered already :-O
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    The greatest game ever created?

    best game ever..... ...Jones in the Fastlane.
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    Easy? Normal? Or Hard?

    Normal then Hard
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    Current Processor and Graphic Card List

    What's this list for?
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    x-wing fighter replica for sale on ebay

    I'm getting both!
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    what is the 7 hours mod forum?

    I will give my future first and second born to get in to that forum.
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    Half-Life 2 release hour confirmed

    I doesn't matter when they release it to me. I work til 4:30 on the 16th so I can't play it til then anyway. If they release it at 3am EST that's fine by me. That just means everyone will be updating hteir steam while I'm sleeping and I'll have more bandwidth when I do it after work.
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    Building or Buying?

    I love newegg. It usually takes 2 days to ship stuff to my house (in Pennsylvania). They usually have some of the lowest prices on the net. I'd say definitely build over buy. If you build it you can upgrade easier and you can get the parts you want. If you need an OS, buy an OEM copy of...
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    Wireless Router vs Wireless Access Point

    I recently bought a Netgear Wireless 802.11G Router. Now I'm planning on having the router in a different room from the PC's. Instead of buying wireless cards for all my PC's I was thinking of getting a Wireless Access point for the computer room. Now I noticed that WAP's have only one...
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    Kerry calls bush to concede

    Kerry '08!
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    Election USA 2004 - community Vote