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    Orange Box SDK Tools Will Go Live Tomorrow

    If this is true, I'm gonna start mapping again soon.
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    Bioshock comes to Steam!

    What an unbelievably unintelligent response from a staffmember. You cannot possibly suggest that offering the game for download through steam would warrant anywhere near the same cost as boxing and shipping it out to stores (including all the management behind this)? I'm not saying I care...
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    my best css action ever

    Somehow those clips don't impress. I do better on a casual round, so why the hell are you recording it? The foot HSing was good though. Really good.
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    Portal on zDoom

    I... don't get it? How the hell do I make it work?
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    I got bullets to ricochet!

    Although I have no coding experience what so ever, I'm impressed. I hope it works as well as I hope it does :P
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    Multiplayer Mapping Question

    I've never been a fan of the _multiplayer physics. While in-game they might not be as demanding but oh my god, they don't feel real, or good to play with gameplay wise either. So if you can, go with regular physics. If you see that your FPS is too low, just change them. About the catapult...
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    The Anti-Cheat Decline

    To be quite honest it sounds to me like you're saying people who are better than you are also cheating. Just because they don't move the mouse as slowly as you do or automatically go for the head, or chest, it is "an obvious sign they are cheating". Fine, there may be cheaters with bad...
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    blowing up a displacement

    Your english is fine. Use a model (or several), and have the regular displacement (The "crater") beneath it, so that when the model breaks and goes to pieces, you'll be left with your regular displacementmap.
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    Instant kill

    Is it possible for this to work on other weapons, in CS in perticular? I'd be thrilled if you could have Knife-instakill.
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    CS_XMAS (in beta)

    Naming it "XMAS" kinda limits its use, and it's not exactly "cheery" if you ask me. Namechange = Good idea. Don't wreak your excellent map with a bad name.
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    Undertow_v2 Overview shots

    It's hot, I like the sunlight. And the first "Mineshaft" thingy.
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    using hl2 soundscapes

    Umm, why exactly wouldn't a custom soundscape work for SP? Did I miss something here or are you just being lazy because you don't want to make your own?
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    shaking a camera

    Move the camera back and forth?
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    Gordon named #1 FPS Hero

    It's not his attributes (Okay, it might be a bit about the lack of them) but the heroic actions which, in turn, makes him a hero. Doesn't really matter if he has any qualities or not, his actions speak for themselves. Oh, wait, I mean my action.
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    water not showing up

    One side (The up side) textured with water. The rest with NoDraw.
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    The Citadel!!!

    Hyperion, isn't that only the part visable beneath the clouds? Anyway, the Citadel first came shooting down from the sky, blasting itself into the earth. It serves as a lot of things, resourcemining and troop production being two of them. And of course Mr. Breen's office at the very top of it.
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    Half Life: The Novel

    Actually Laidlaw has (if I remember correctly, Gabe 'confirmed' this) already said that the Half-Life stories are to be told in games, and not other media. For more reasons than need to be noted. So there will be no book, and no movie.
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    HDR - How does it work?

    It's really strange, I get smooth, REALLY smooth FPS *with* HDR. Seems extremly strange to me.
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    My Ideal DOD:S

    None of the changes mentioned would make the game better. It'd make it a lot more stupid, less balanced, and gay, but not better. Please, rethink whatever you are thinking. If you suck, then it's not the game, it's you. And well hey, too bad.