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    Real Life Advisor spotted on BBC news...

    I don't know if any of you guy already realised it but this is awful news! These cridders can survive EXTREME levels of radiation, pH, pressure, both high and low temperatures, sustenance deprivation and toxicity. How on earth is Gordon going to beat these guys in Ep. 3?!!?!
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    Post- Half Life future hinted at in Portal 2 (SPOILERS!)

    If Portal 2 foreshadows anything about HL2 ep. 3 it's that Valve still knows how to make: - awesome and overwhelming single player experiences - enthralling and alluring stories - convincing and compelling characters People were afraid Portal 2 was going to be too "cutesy" and diverge too...
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    Rebel Keypads

    1. The reason he's humanities greatest hero is because everyone else is too stupid to figure these kinds of things out. 2. Gordon can't be bother with this kind of trivial nonsense. 3. Whenever Gordon encounters a closed door it gives him an excuse to get sidetracked, find new weapons and...
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    Maybe ... Half-Life 3?

    Valve has got a new engine. And they're using it for Portal 2.
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    Half-Life: Instance Zero

    It's a good question indeed. However I don't think they need to travel to an other planet or even dimension in order to change the setting into something new and interesting. Ep.3 will probably take place in the arctic. We've only seen post apocalyptic eastern Europe up till now and the world is...
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    Half-Life: Instance Zero

    I don't think the new home world is a very plausible theory. I remember an interview where Newell said the HL universe was heavily influenced by Stephen King's stories. Meaning the game get's its vibe and atmosphere by transforming the known into something bizarre. HL and HL2 clearly executed...
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    New Portal 2 Clip at the VGA's

    Meh, Appature Science in and by itself was pretty contrived to start with if you ask me. Let's not forget the personality spheres originate from Portal 1. But yeah they might've taken it one step too far this time.... However we've yet to see how the plot turns out near the end of the...
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    I think the G-Man is Cave Johnson

    I've humoured this idea as well, but when you think about it more carefully it just sounds really dumb... even though I'll admit they both look oddly similar. Also, I think Valve has already mentioned they don't plan on making the portal and HL stories crossover anymore.