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  1. Alig

    More STALKER :o

    I'd love to play through my bargain £3.50 stalker copy, but it annoys me so much cos of some stupid shadow kind of bug, i've searched the net and edited a text file to try fix it but it didn't work (i play at 1920 x 1080 resolution or 1680 x 1050) If anyone knows how to fix this ...please...
  2. Alig

    Will OnLive work?

    You must live far from the exchange because that sucks big time, i'd downgrade I can download an average of 700KB/sec from a decent website, been very close to 1mb/sec over Steam and this is on 'upto' 8mb BT DSL. The exchange is at the end of my road though :P The line shows at 6.5mb line...
  3. Alig

    Xbox 360 Mic. Help.

    Dunno then... You could always buy a standard mic for your pc, they cost like ?1.30 in the UK
  4. Alig

    Xbox 360 Mic. Help.

    U mean u want to use the 360 microphone on ur pc?
  5. Alig

    Braid finally coming to PC but...

    What makes this so good? I have had an Xbox since it was released and never even heard of this:monkee:
  6. Alig

    L4D Spam bots?

    every now and then an idiot somehow manages to get the internet and l4d... i'm surprised at how high tolerance u seem to have. I'd of got pissed and shot back way sooner
  7. Alig

    First thoughts on the game

    :laugh: so... beats playing a laggy game, where u can't do nowt anyway, or being shot by ff cos some fag doesn't understand people live on different continents.
  8. Alig

    First thoughts on the game

    The vomit lasts as long as the infected are attracted to you. It'd make it a pointless attack if the vomit vanished and zombies was still all focusing their attacks on you cos you could blast them away easily. The only problems i'm having with l4d is contant laggy servers. Everytime i...
  9. Alig

    L4D Stutterbug

    I have this problem too, but i'm using an AGP ATI 3850HD. I don't have to restart the game though, it just happens for about 5 seconds, almost always in the first 5 minutes of playing my first game and then not again. Still annoying
  10. Alig

    Weekend Deal: 50% Off Left 4 Dead

    This is annoying...i paid ?26 for left for dead last ****ing friday
  11. Alig

    Ex-Schoolmate Killed 2 People

    what a ****ing psycho
  12. Alig

    Asian Racist

    "Only in America"
  13. Alig

    My sister just died

    emo's.... :O
  14. Alig

    Christian Bale goes crazy (AUDIO)

    hahaha that is the shit right there :laugh:
  15. Alig

    Games sound godly with these Headphones

    I use Sennheiser HD580 Pro's ....they are well comfy and they sound astounding....even without an amplifier they are loud as hell and crystal clear. With an amp they would be even better i've read but for gaming they are more than enough i imagine, assuming the price tag :P
  16. Alig

    Viewsonic 24" 1080p LCD - Any good?

    I bought this last week It's 2" smaller, but hardly a huge difference. The quality and sharpness of the picture is amazing. I can't believe something so good...
  17. Alig

    Just played RE5 demo

    It's funny u should mention the split screen thing, cos I got my xbox running on my new PC screen, asus 22" 1080p widescreen with my xbox on 1080p setting on HDMI and i figured that it was the screen or output setting which was changing the layout of split screen, not the game cos COD5 is the...
  18. Alig

    Microsoft wants to win over alternate browser users.

    It annoys the shit out of me when things open by default in IE on my computer
  19. Alig

    Just played RE5 demo

    (the last RE i played was code veronica on the dreamcast) I thought it was mint
  20. Alig

    i hate small, useless dog breeds

    I'd eat a dog ... not all to myself but u know