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  1. J

    Orange Box Trailer by Valve

    I was thinking " Uh... What?"
  2. J

    Minerva Release, Orange Box Tops Rental Lists and Portal Preload.

    *The* Best HL2 mod I've ever played. I was actually playing slowly because I didn't want it to end!
  3. J

    Insurgency Celebrate Imminent Release.

    To get the proper "feel" you need a load of Brits that you can shoot up in FF :rolleyes:
  4. J

    It's Now Fall 2007...

    Its HL2 all over again...
  5. J

    Returning character revealed

    Heres hoping for Dr Gina Cross:)
  6. J

    Black Mesa Media Update 2

    I allways used to beat the Houndeyes to death with the crowbar :cheese:
  7. J

    Black Mesa Update News

    Please can we have a demo????????:cheese: The music samples are neat too. Liked track 7.
  8. J

    Black Mesa Update News

    My god this is looking good! is that self-shadowing that Im seeing in some shots? Im really looking foreward to this, the quality looks far better then Hl2 its self! I mean some of those screenshots doesnt look like its running on source... but something better :)
  9. J

    Grey Sky

    Nice one:thumbs:
  10. J

    Your weapons

    I dont think we lose Alyx at the start of EP2 on the trainwreck. In the vid that shows off the cinematic physics, gordon and alyx (because we can hear her gasp after the aftershock or whatever) are on a road bridge before it collapses. However in the shot where Alyx is hanging, you can see a...
  11. J

    Eternal Silence mod released

  12. J

    making HL2 and Ep1 look better!

    I used FF's skinpack because I dont care much for the low res and blurry textures that HL2 uses. I dont like a lot of things in the FF pack, but any improvement is welcome tbh.
  13. J

    Barney is dead?

    During a firefight: "Did you just hear a cat just now?" *peers over rubble* *Boom Headshot*
  14. J

    Barney is dead?

    Not to mention Star Trek TNG
  15. J

    Grey Sky

    I want more :) Keep at it, its rather good.
  16. J

    Dr. Stanley Rosenburg?

    I can just see it now, Gordon gets KO'd for whatever reason and you hear the sound of a scuffle, and then you awake with Gina looking over you saying "Dr Freeman I presume... Its been a longtime..."
  17. J

    Alyx Dialogue "Easter Eggs"

    After the train crash and after you fight the zombies in the first tunnel section sometimes she says something about the guns, also if you turn your torch off and walk away shel start calling out to you. Also if you keep pressing "use" on her she'l give you a "wtf" look.
  18. J

    Alyx getting scared by Stalker

    If alyx really had some compasion, she would have pumped a round in the stalkers head as soon as the lid opened. I know Id rathe be dead then stalkerfied...
  19. J


    Agreed, Im very impressed with the smoothness of the animations and how natural they look.
  20. J

    Has the flashlight been upgraded?

    Maybe it would be a good idea, since were now running around in the countryside, to give it a DPM paintjob.