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  1. VictimOfScience

    Far Cry 3 - Did I ever tell you the definition of WUBWUBWUBWUBBBBBRRRRRZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

    Far Cry 2 bored the shit out of me. I didn't think it lived up to its promise at all. This, on the other hand looks a little more back to the series roots and I am a sucker for a tropical environment, so I am keenly watching this one develop.
  2. VictimOfScience

    Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs

    VERY excited to see what form their next title takes. Amnesia was absolutely brilliant. As I have stated before, atmosphere trumps almost everything for me, so I expect this to not let down at all. These guys have been incredible at generating that, MUCH moreso than the huge, much more...
  3. VictimOfScience

    Alan Wake released for the PC

    Ha! I knew it would be the one with the tornado. That was so awesome back then. My question to people who have bought it for the PC: does it live up to that video AT ALL?? Does the water look that good? The lighting? The weather effects? I know the story could never live up to Twin Peaks or...
  4. VictimOfScience

    Post a screenshot!

    **** yea. One of the best games EVER. The possibilities were ENDLESS and the fun to be had with each could not be measured on any scale known to humankind. Badass.
  5. VictimOfScience

    Hawken BETA

    Signed up the other day. This looks effing incredible. Can't wait to play!!
  6. VictimOfScience

    Dark Souls

    Hahahaha! Late to the party. :( It's ok. A great game is worth a few threads!!! (Not really.)
  7. VictimOfScience

    Rayman Origins coming to the PC!

    Dragon's Crown sold me on it. I'll be getting both versions (PS3 and PSV). And I have been playing the Rayman demo on PS3 and it is easily one of the most beautiful games I have ever played. Awesome music and effects as well.
  8. VictimOfScience

    Rayman Origins coming to the PC!

    Yeah, I reserved it the other day. I know I will be kicking myself if I don't get one immediately so I figure what the heck. Another factor is that I have not bought a 3DS yet, so I can just use that money for the Vita. I am also desperately hoping that the remote play can function something...
  9. VictimOfScience

    Rayman Origins coming to the PC!

    This on Steam?? Yup. Bought. And for Vita too when that hits.
  10. VictimOfScience

    Resident Evil 6 trailer is out!

    Yeah, that's a very good point. I forgot about that one since I don't have a 3ds...yet. :)
  11. VictimOfScience

    Resident Evil 6 trailer is out!

    I wish I could care about this, but I can't help but feel I have been there done that. Sad, but I think 4 will forever be the high point for me.
  12. VictimOfScience

    XBOX 360 best gaming machine ever according to GamesTM reader poll, GAF community mad

    LOL. I wish people never started making lists like this. They are completely unhelpful.
  13. VictimOfScience

    Mass Effect 3

    Yeah, I can't help but feel that way too which pisses me off.
  14. VictimOfScience

    Dark Souls Official Announcement trailer (Demon's Souls 2)

    I am thinking more evil as opposed to magical. The blues and greens of the Darkroot areas made it seem less evil and more magical. I would think from the sound of it this might be more intimidating...I sure hope so! :)
  15. VictimOfScience

    Mass Effect 3

    Exactly. Just nice to have it all in one place and not spread out over different distribution channels. May have to rent 2 + 3 for PS3 then since it would be nice to see the conclusion.
  16. VictimOfScience

    Mass Effect 3

    Thanks for the info about the docs flowing through, but the fact remains that there still will be because a LOT of Steam users are like me and are extremely satisfied with their digital gaming platform of choice and have absolutely no interest in installing another on their machine. Steam has...
  17. VictimOfScience

    Dark Souls Official Announcement trailer (Demon's Souls 2)

    This might be some of the best DLC imaginable. I can imagine it will be extremely brilliant since they are going to want to outdo themselves and everyone who has their tough and experienced characters all ready to go. Look for quite the challenge (I hope).
  18. VictimOfScience

    Mass Effect 3

    If it is not on Steam then I am not getting it. I have the first 2 there. The whole point of these games is the way all your choices flow through them and affect the story so if 3 is NOT released on Steam there will be A LOT of very unhappy customers.
  19. VictimOfScience

    The Artist

    Nah, see the OSS 117 flicks instead. Jean Dujardin KILLS those two.
  20. VictimOfScience

    Dark Souls Official Announcement trailer (Demon's Souls 2)

    Has no one posted about the petition that has gained some serious ground to get it ported to the PC because a Namco Bandai staff member said the following on their forums: "There is always possibilities to have games adapted on PC and the good news is that Dark Souls is not a 100% typical...