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  1. clarky003

    Eden Star hits kickstarter

    Sup Krynn! I'm the second dude in the video, the dark haired one with the glasses is me. Bigging up our awesome art guys! And thanks very much, really appreciate any support! Hope all's good around here these days?
  2. clarky003

    Eden Star hits kickstarter

    Hi all, I used to be a fairly frequent vistor to the forums... Nowadays I'm part of a small Indie Studio known as Flix Interactive based in the UK. Our studio's main IP has just hit the crowd funding front which we're all stoked about! check it out and see what you think :) (maybe even throw...
  3. clarky003

    If I haven't posted up here in over two years.. does that now make me a noob?

    Oh Hai Willie! Yess, I remember most of you guys. And thankyou sir. No one answered my question however.. The site formly known as , how it be?. Valvetime is strangely... more valve coloured.
  4. clarky003

    If I haven't posted up here in over two years.. does that now make me a noob?

    Hey guys, Just dropping in to say Hi. I haven't been on here in ages, since the days of Now it's called valvetime, has it got any better around here. Hello to Munro, Stern, Pi, Vegeta and all the oldies!
  5. clarky003

    Happy New Years,,

    I think I've turned into a lurker. Happy new year people :D
  6. clarky003

    Google and Verizon set to create internet 2

    All I know is, if we are all a touch confused debating the logic of their decision to create a parrallel network/internet then how can they possibly state that they are putting the consumer first?. It makes little to no sense whatsoever. It is more obviously in their interests to create...
  7. clarky003

    Google and Verizon set to create internet 2

    I've spoken to a fair few people about it and they say the same thing. Infact quite a few are disgusted enough at the idea that they are boycotting google and verizon searches. I mean why not improve the net as it is in general, which is benificial to all and stays true to the origins and...
  8. clarky003

    Google and Verizon set to create internet 2

    Whole article: 2 times the internets? what does everyone else make of it : / I havn't posted on here for ages! hai again everyone.
  9. clarky003

    Characters with Augmentations

    lol, Lion King. Hm, so who feels more compelled to play as a character who has 'superhuman' qualities, over your standard human/alien who may possibly be a genius?.. but is about as weak as an elderly member of society.
  10. clarky003

    Characters with Augmentations

    Hai all, long time no post. Ok to get straight to the point I'm doing a write up, and would like a bit of input on which characters you think are the best, and why. More specifically I'm studying characters that have been augmented, either with armour, or implants that enhance their...
  11. clarky003

    Wireless electricity...this is incredible!

    90 year old tech finally comes into public use. I think Tesla would be insulted to be honest, he documented wireless transmition of electricity using the earth, at a range of 30 km's with a high frequency transmitter and ground reciever with a bulb attached. It uses electrical resonance...
  12. clarky003

    Futuristic Coca Cola dispenser

    Rot your teeth in style, Now with added touch screen!.
  13. clarky003

    Microsoft Patents Drop-In Split Screen Co-Op

    Patent gameplay mechanics? My thoughts = wut
  14. clarky003

    ID Software Bought By Bethesda Parent Company, ZeniMax

    This isn't a bad thing.. really, it just means ID get more money to make their games surely. It's not like Bethesda are going to rape the studio and put their own peons in place.
  15. clarky003

    More fun with new name

    Oh shi! bad drive, its in the trees, that balls Dead.... 4 Left!
  16. clarky003

    Clarky's university environment art

    Oh no it can handle it but it's just alot slower : P and it just wasn't efficient for me in the amount of time I had to make it all super high detail content either. I had to figure out howto break even with the detail. Personally for this project I don't see the point in making hyper high...
  17. clarky003

    Cool ass opening cinematic for Prototype (Vegeta is a colossal and ignominious fag)

    I can't seem to shake Infamous out of my head whenever I see this game. If they fused them both together maybe it would be even more awesome.
  18. clarky003

    Project Natal: Peter Molenuex talks out of his ass some more

    Imo as interesting and user friendly that the tech might be, Sony's motion sensing tech definately has more scope for practical application to all types of present games. Full body interaction makes no sense to me, unless I'm standing on a holodeck or in a proper virtual environment with a...
  19. clarky003

    L4D2 Boycott

    Must buy L4D2, it will enrich my life so much more by training me to fight even more zombies, except this time with moar fire and axes. But srsly it looks really well made, the only gripe I have is the full price tag, most of the core is essentially a rehash.
  20. clarky003

    Clarky's university environment art

    Alot of it was due to resolution, I had alot of practice with poly grouping. I learn't it really depends on what kindof asset your producing. You can get away with a bit of polygon stretching if the asset isn't going to be right in the players face. It saves on time, where really high normal...