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  1. gFrohman


    So, it's been six+ years since I've written a fan fic, so hooray!:bounce: This is one story that will make up a large collection of stories I'm planning to write, all revolving around the same main character. A little background: Pak Hyun-Ae was born in Seoul, South Korea; she was eight...
  2. gFrohman

    New 311 single "Hey You"

    You can hear it on their site: I think it sounds pretty awesome, and I'm excited for the new album (out June 2nd). All 311 fans - discuss.
  3. gFrohman

    Using the Muscle car

    I'm trying to use the muscle car in a map, but it crashes every time I try to compile (says that the memory could not be "read"). I'm not sure what the problem is. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!