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  1. mortiz

    Scottish Independence

    The United Kingdom of Great Britain (minus those losers, Scotland) and Northern Ireland.
  2. mortiz

    age to get married

    I read the thread title as "ape to get married", and I was like "omfgbbqrox!!11" then I opened the thread and was sorely dissapointed :(
  3. mortiz

    Bioshock demo on Live

    Where's the PC demo? I don't understand the delay, why couldn't they just have released the demo's together? Not that I can play the demo until tomorrow, possibly the day after, anyhow since my current PC won't run it.
  4. mortiz

    What are the chances of..

    I'm getting a new PC tomorrow, well, I'm getting the bits and pieces and I'm going to be putting it together myself. The only thing I didn't get in the Harddrive since my current HDD has quite a lot of stuff on it. What do you think the chances are of me putting my old HDD into my new computer...
  5. mortiz

    F*ck you too, Metallica, f*ck you too

    It's not Red Octane's problem though, they PAID the record company for the right to use the music (I bet it wasn't cheap either). If the record company holds the rights to Metallica's music then tough shit, they'll have to deal with it. Many other bands out there I'm sure have had music put on...
  6. mortiz

    Scottish Independence

    The Scots wouldn't last a week!
  7. mortiz

    genghis khan was one bad stud

    I think you mean largest contiguous empire.
  8. mortiz

    genghis khan was one bad stud

    The British Empire was the worlds largest empire *does salute*.
  9. mortiz

    What ever happened to Peter Molyneux?

    I think the fact that his best work was with Bullfrog suggests to me that it was the environment and the team there that created those games, not Molyneux himself, as soon as that team disbanded Molyneux just seemingly "lost the magic". So don't say that Molyneux was responsible for some of the...
  10. mortiz

    Evan Almighty

    Especially the last one where Morgon Freeman is doing it aswell...AWKWARD! It's typical Hollywood fare, dumb, safe comedy that doesn't really push any boundries and tries not to offend anyone. It's even got the whole family thing tied in with it, euck. It's OK if you're looking for a few...
  11. mortiz

    What ever happened to Peter Molyneux?

    No he hasn't, did you read the interview I posted?
  12. mortiz

    What ever happened to Peter Molyneux?

    Read this article or check out the rpg codex for some choice quotes. Really, this guy was involved in some great games in the past; Dungeon Keeper, Syndicate, Populas, Magic Carpet. Now he seems to be nothing more than some crazy old dude who needs to be put into a retirement home asap. He's...
  13. mortiz

    Foxnews = Epic Lulz

    Should have said lulz of epic proportions.
  14. mortiz

    I just got outed.

    When I told my parents that I was an atheist they were like "meh, we don't really believe in that stuff either", I think my mom's utter hatred for being brought up in the Catholic church did that.
  15. mortiz

    LOST : The Video Game

    I want Mr. Eko
  16. mortiz

    Firaxis must die

    The Civ4 on steam is too damn expensive, and I can't be arsed buying it at the shops. EDIT: Actually, what the hell, Civ IV with Beyond the Sword is 39.95 whereas Civ IV on it's own is 49.95?
  17. mortiz

    Lindsay Lohan

    Whether jail would "save" her or not is besides the point, she should go to jail because if one of the common men were charged with the same crimes they'd go to jail.
  18. mortiz

    Goatse airs on CNN!

  19. mortiz

    Mario Party 8 recalled due to "spastic"

    Shut up spaz, you have no idea how offensive that word can be, even to none spazzes.
  20. mortiz

    Pitbull sexually assault's two year old boy

    They kept saying that the dog was being aggressive, no it wasn't, it was making love..not war.