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  1. JNightshade

    Obligatory New Years Resolution Thread

    -start working out/eating better -start a band -PROAST HERE MORE D: D: D:
  2. JNightshade

    Battlefield 2 v1.5 - Who's In?

    Good lord, this makes me wish my compy was up and running.
  3. JNightshade

    Your worst injury.

    I've been pretty lucky- this may I tore the trifibrocardial complex in my right wrist jumping over a couch. A few months of wearing a splint is pretty bearable compared to that leg D:
  4. JNightshade

    Do you have a mission statement?

    "Sleep is for the drunk."
  5. JNightshade

    god damn milfs

    My 22 year old friend is currently porking a gorgeous 41-year-old woman. F*cking awesome.
  6. JNightshade

    Half Life 2 Raising the Bar (Signed by Gabe Newell)

    I love my copy, actually. The things they cut from the final product are really interesting.
  7. JNightshade

    The 4th of July Injury Thread

    Blue balls. Brrrrrrr.
  8. JNightshade

    Dante's Inferno

    I'm torn about this one. On one hand, the premise is RETARDED. Dante's Inferno has nothing to do with combat whatsoever, and they're merely mining its name for publicity. On the other... holy crap, fighting through hell in a crazy art style sounds orgasmic.
  9. JNightshade

    I got some pussy and I don't know what to do with it

    Definitely keep it. Cats are awesome- pity half my family is allergic ;(
  10. JNightshade

    Grizzly Bear's New Album: Veckatimest

    Oh god, SO good. I got it the day it dropped- absolutely brilliant. That said, if you love them, you'll also love Department of Eagles. It's vocalist Daniel Rossen's band, and their latest CD ("In Ear Park") sounds like a dreamier, more baroque grizzly bear. It's the only thing that knocked...
  11. JNightshade

    I caught my dad with my GF!

    Ahahaha! I was drawn back to the forums by the waves of funny radiating from this thread!
  12. JNightshade

    Pictures of Yourself the "Jintor demands it happen" version

    THREAD RERAILING: With weed: Without weed: Lolol
  13. JNightshade

    The most painful pain you have ever experienced.

    I rolled and twisted my right ankle jumping stairs on a skateboard in seventh grade. I've resprained it multiple times a year since. Recently I found out it was fractured (and healed) somewhere along the way. The first time was by far the worst, though.
  14. JNightshade

    6 Million Ways To Die (actually just 10)

    Exhaustion, preferably of a sexual nature.
  15. JNightshade

    Tonsil stones! - How I hate thee

    These things are godawful. I used to get them constantly as a kid, but fortune has smiled on my tonsils of late.
  16. JNightshade

    This just in; glue supply in Palm Beach shoots through the roof

    Oh god, I lol'd at the title.
  17. JNightshade

    What superpowers do you have?

    Babe, I could have you naked with a single Al Green song.
  18. JNightshade

    Family Guy - Bag of Weed

    I don't mind family guy, but that song was really lame.
  19. JNightshade

    What superpowers do you have?

    Absurdly long tongue, ability to charm anyone with song, and above all the power of wicked awesome facial hair.