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  1. Korgoth

    Assorted lbp awesomeness ITS TRUE!!!! I so can't wait for this, In addition to the costumes
  2. Korgoth

    Assorted lbp awesomeness

    Thats not all, read this: There is rumor, thanks to a leak pic of the new trophies, they are adding a "paintin ball GUN" gameplay mechanic!!!! (rumor has it) CAN'T FREAKING WAIT
  3. Korgoth

    EyePet and other PS3 Goodies! (56k beware?)

    No problem :) Just trying to share my excitement!
  4. Korgoth

    EyePet and other PS3 Goodies! (56k beware?)

    Newness There's more!!! Here is some updates and games that I missed in the first post... Resistance 2 I played the first one at PS3 launch, the story is solid, and the gameplay mechanics are fun... Although not overly spectacular, this seems to be one title a lot of people are...
  5. Korgoth

    Team Fortress 2 Updates Coming To Xbox 360 Later This Year, Gonna Cost You

    Is this why we aren't getting the updates on the PS3, because Sony would NOT make valve charge for it? Seems pretty fishy to me.
  6. Korgoth

    EyePet and other PS3 Goodies! (56k beware?)

    My wifey actually bought me a little snap on keyboard for my ps3, its wireless and looks about the same as the official sony one, but I think its like a madcatz nyko or some other brand, it fits in just the same place and everything, but uses a remote receiver, not blue tooth... Its nice, but a...
  7. Korgoth

    EyePet and other PS3 Goodies! (56k beware?)

    I've got over 3k posts, no I'm not a bot..
  8. Korgoth

    EyePet and other PS3 Goodies! (56k beware?)

    Now I know how much you guys love PS3... So I figured I'd share some of what I'm looking forward to most in the weeks/months/years to come. EyePet Wii... eat your freakin' heart out. This is ten times better than any of that abysmal shovelware! /fanboy...
  9. Korgoth

    Bionic Commando Rearmed demo out now on Japanese PSN Store...

    Got it off of JPSN last night, oh man, such a throw back! I love it, and with all the extra modes, trophy support and so on... this is a definite buy for me! The demo is actually pretty funny when you hack the computers lol
  10. Korgoth

    Well my PS3 is f***ed

    I've been having trouble with my Wii reading discs... It doesn't want to detect wii games, and sometimes it'll freeze on start up which is really annoying. I have had it and my ps3 (orig. 60 gb) since launch so maybe thats why. I have had my ps3 lock up a couple times using the web browser...
  11. Korgoth

    Siren Blood Curse

    Yeah I played the demo, it was fun but sooooooo dark on my TV I could barely see anything. I tried messing with the settings but couldn't get anywhere. The game is creepy and atmospheric and even comes complete with some cheesy b movie voice acting/script work. I would recommend at least trying...
  12. Korgoth

    MAG - PS3 (ingame screen)

    I do agree ailevation, I heard 256 players and said.... oh god, planetside. I'm really anxious to see if they can really pull it off, because given a proper cover system (which if I recall is part of the plan), truly utilizing the squad system and huge 256 player battles would be amazing to play...
  13. Korgoth

    MAG - PS3 (ingame screen)

    You gotta call BS on what? The 256 player thing, or the ingame screen? The blog says it is ingame, and of course being a beta screen shot, a lot could change, and rightly so... I however, SERIOUSLY doubt they will double back and lower the 256 player limit, that will be virtual suicide on the...
  14. Korgoth

    MAG - PS3 (ingame screen)

    This was posted on the official ps blog, said to be from an internal play test, the image is confirmed in game (on the blog) and said that only alteration has been a cropping to center on the action in the shot. I gotta admit, touting 256 player online combat, the graphics look way better than I...
  15. Korgoth

    Fat Princess

    description sounds fun as all get out, its seriously like animal crossing meets god of war with a hint of team fortress thrown in for good measure... I love it! Also check out The last guy
  16. Korgoth

    Microsoft's Final Fantasy bombshell... a dud?

    Did you miss the question mark? Purely speculative man
  17. Korgoth

    Microsoft's Final Fantasy bombshell... a dud? Not so troubling to Sony after all?
  18. Korgoth

    Scars on Broadway!

    I'm stuck in illustrator CS, I don't think I have live paint, only CS2 and up right?
  19. Korgoth

    Wii Motionplus / Microsoft Netflix / Sony woes

    To clarify, I own a ps3, wii, and have access to a 360 at a friends whenever I want to borrow it... I've never bought a 360 though, as EVERYONE I know with a 360 has had to get it fixed because of red ring, at least once (one guy 6 times). Sorry if my post made me look like a douche...
  20. Korgoth

    Wii Motionplus / Microsoft Netflix / Sony woes

    So at E3 this year, nintendo introduced the wii motionpus add on. I was just wondering if anyone else is as pissed off about this as me. So year(s) after the wii launches they decide to SELL me a peripheral that will supposedly make my wiimote do what they told me it was supposed to do in the...