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    Day of Defeat: Source to be Released as Stand-Alone

    ahhh, yeah I read that when I bought HL2 I just thought they'd changed their minds. Thanks!
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    Day of Defeat: Source to be Released as Stand-Alone

    Ava3ar are you certain about that? I thought that since it's being labelled a stand alone product that we'd all have to pay for it. (I'll be thrilled if I can still download it for free, that just isn't the way it sounded to me.)
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    Gone GOLD!

    Henrym: I think I may have heard something. About the gold, I feel like a great battle just ended.
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    Asus, this one's for you!

    Do you have a wireless keyboard and or mouse? Or wireless net access? I don't think I've ever even heard of WM radio but I've seen wireless keyboards/mice cause peculiar problems before.
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    P4 3.0 or Athlon 64 3200+ ?

    I don't think I said a single word about the Athlon 64 or FX's performance in 32bit applications. And yes, the 64 bit chips (especially the FX) are faster than the Athlon XP's in 32 bit mode but no one is going to see the effect of 64 bit computing until applications start supporting it. So gulo...
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    P4 3.0 or Athlon 64 3200+ ?

    I'd say if you don't have the Athlon yet then just keep the P4. 64 bit CPUs really are next to worthless until OS's and applications/games start supporting them. The Athlon FX is a much better chip than the Athlon 64 as well so if you ever make the move to 64 bit I'd go with an FX. Bottom line...
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    Beretta 9000 (VTM Work)

    The best way to get into 2d art is to just sit down and draw for a while. There are some great books out there. The one I first started with was "Marvels guide to drawing comics" or something like that. But that's the book I read that started me on perspective, foreshortening and drawing 3d...
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    9200SE Help needed

    Is there corruption while it's still booting in dos mode? Have you checked the bios settings for AGP Aperture and AGP Port speed? Are you certain the fan is still spinning?(if it has one)
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    woah, CPU usage at 100% constantly

    I did some quick searching and found a couple of things that may be of interest. First, a description of the svchost.exe service.;en-us;250320 And then another forum post on some random site where people suggest checking for the welchia...
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    Heh, HL2 losing mod teams right and left.

    You sir are correct. At least this quote from willits was all I could find. From this article:
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    Heh, HL2 losing mod teams right and left.

    Just thought I'd back up Darkside here and reiterate that the Doom III engine does not have a 4 player limit. The maps it ships with do. I'll also go digging if you want me to but at one point Carmack said something like "I expect people will release 16 player maps almost immediatly". On topic...
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    AMD to P4?

    Your motherboard will not support a CPU with a FSB (Front Side Bus) speed of 333, only 200 or 266.
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    Need Help in GTA Vice City

    And if it's the last one the start thing should actually be outside of the mansion on the street, right to the left of the entrance (if you're facing it)
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    What to upgrade?

    I'd just get whatever size you think you'll need. If you haven't run into any space troubles with the twenty gig then I'd just get a 40. But if you continually find yourself deleting things then an 80 or 120 gig would probably be better. As far as installing them goes you just have to change the...
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    HELP ME! 'Delayed Write Failed' Error!

    Reformatting the drive WILL erase all information on the partition as will deleting the partition. The repair option for windows XP should appear before you erase the hard drives and it basically replaces all of the windows files but leaves your files/programs alone. Partition Magic has a...
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    HELP ME! 'Delayed Write Failed' Error!

    As far as I know Partition magic would do it but you'd have to get into windows to install that. Otherwise I can't think of any way to do it without wiping out the partition and reformatting it. I've got a couple of questions... Can you get into safe mode? If so have you tried a restore...
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    What do u use for in ur PCI?

    Currently I don't have anything in my PCI slots. But what can you put in them? Sound Cards Networking Cards Modems Raid/IDE Controllers Tester thingies Older graphic cards Usb Cards Firewire Cards Parallel Cards Serial Cards Gameport Cards That's all I can think of but basically...
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    Replacing proccesor and motherboard

    You won't need a new fan if you're getting a retail CPU pack. If it's OEM then yes you will need a new CPU fan. (If you meant case fan I dunno, it depends on whether or not your case comes with them and how many it comes with.) And yes your Radeon 9800 will fit in the new motherboard. And you...
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    i Need Help

    Basically you need: An idea A team that can do the following: 3d Modelling (XSI EXP) 2d Texturing (Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro) Programming in C++ (Whichever compiler works for you) Website Design/Programming And then you need the drive and determination to see it through. It's...
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    Updating BIOS?

    Those don't look like what you'd need but I can't remember exactly what should be on there. Is your floppy drives light on all the time? Or does it come on at all when you first boot up the PC? (If it's on all the time your cable is in backwords, flip it and try again. If it's never at all it's...