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  1. Survivr

    Left 4 Dead 2 DLC - The Passing

    The L4D1 Survivors hold a door open until you can get there, and as they try and hold off the infected you can just hear their screams echo down the coridoor towards you. I hope the L4D1 survivors die, it'd make everything more final, which is what L4D is about.
  2. Survivr

    Enhance my HL Experience,684336/Half-Life-2-vs-Cinematic-Mod-10-Visual-comparison-Update-New-darker-look-Top-article-of-August-2009/Practice/ It's a general graphical uphaul.
  3. Survivr

    Can you pick up objects on 360?

    But the reticle over the item (small ones, like cans, only. Gravity Gun needs to be used for bigger things like Barrels and crates) and press X. X also throws the item, but not as far as the Gravity Gun. I used to have it on Xbox and I can remember the controls. ;)
  4. Survivr

    Biggest flaw in HL2 was the lack of Xen aliens

    I agree with Darkside. Xen had a whole ecology. Having another Garg would've shown that it was just a species made for the sake of a Boss fight. Besides, you didn't really fight the Garg in HL1, it'd be nice to see Gordon using the Rocket Launcher and hiding behind rocks as the Garg throws fire...
  5. Survivr

    Is ANYONE Actually Excited For L4D2?

    It seems a lot of people are wanting to boycott L4D2 because they don't want to pay for it, but is there anyone apart from me who is really excited for it and WILL be getting it?
  6. Survivr

    Who would you cast in a L4D Movie?

    Chris Rock for Louis. Jeff Bridges for Bill. Hugh Jackman for Francis. Kiera Knightly for Zoey. 'Nuff said.
  7. Survivr

    My Next Desktop Computer ( Wish List)

    Yeah, I know the whole "wanting us to spend" sort of thing, and I hope my post didn't sound like I was trying to start a political debate, I was just wondering how you have $1000 to throw on computers? Still, as I said before, nice set up.
  8. Survivr

    My Next Desktop Computer ( Wish List)

    Recession? What recession? Sorry if this sounds rude, but how can you afford to spend so much on something as unimportant (in the grand scheme of things) as computer parts? Although, I did have a quick glance and yeah, it all does look quite sexy. :D
  9. Survivr

    L4D2 - Top 10 Concerns

    I'm thinking it will be a good game, keep the same game mechanics and just add on to it and I'll buy it. I have a feeling they will be released over XLA as well and as an extension for L4D on Steam. Hopefully I'll have it in a box though, I don't have Live. I'm actually really, really excited...
  10. Survivr

    Special infected idea: Subclasses

    I'm a friggin' psychic about the wandering Witch, it's gonna be in L4D2. I should sue for creative intelligence or something lmao. :D
  11. Survivr

    Left 4 Dead 2!!!!

    I'm definately going to get this, but probably for Christmas. Still, the Charger looks badass. :D
  12. Survivr

    Left 4 Dead 2!!!!

    Thank god! I don't have Xbox Live, so I can't get the expansions. This will be brilliant for me! 5 new campains! I had a dream about it already last night (Mainly the new Charger special infected.)
  13. Survivr

    New Logo

    I don't like it personally, but it doesn't really affect anyone.
  14. Survivr

    Special infected idea: Subclasses

    I like the idea of the Stoner, especially the bigger horde idea. A moving witch would be good as well, one that wanders through the area crying. If it gets too close it attacks.
  15. Survivr

    Is "We Don't Go The Ravenholm" the Scariest Level?

    It's actually spelled "goodbye," but I'll give you the "If." Tbh I've actually panicked more in Quake 3 and Dead Space than I did in Ravenholm.
  16. Survivr

    Is "We Don't Go The Ravenholm" the Scariest Level?

    Fixed... if you are going to correct my spelling, at least attempt to correct it with good grammar. Kthxbai.
  17. Survivr

    Much prefer this to HL2.

    Just completed Episode 1, moving on to Episode 2 now. That Stryder fight at the very end is really... really... hard. I like the escourt bit, I just don't like the bit in Lowlife where you have to push the cars on to the Antlion Burrows...
  18. Survivr

    Much prefer this to HL2.

    I'm on the bit where you have to transport the people through to the trains (specifically the bit with the sniper.) I am enjoying Episode 1 much more than I enjoyed the Half-Life 2. Not sure why though. Please don't kill me. :thumbs:
  19. Survivr

    Road Kill!!

    Almost hit an owl once, but apart from that nothing I can think of.
  20. Survivr

    Is "We Don't Go The Ravenholm" the Scariest Level?

    I didn't find Nova Prospekt scary or creepy at all. Scariest bit for me so far is in Episode 1 when