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  1. RoyDGF

    AI in Half-Life 2

    It's not good, but holy hell the AI in the original "Half-Life" was brilliant. What the hell happened there? :/
  2. RoyDGF

    Kim Swift Leaves Valve for Airtight

    ****in' A. :| I'm with the guy that said it sounded like she jumped at the opportunity to lead a design team. More power to her though, and I wish her the best. I'm having a hard time seeing this as an impact at all on "Portal 2" though. "Portal" was a Valve game, and as such I'm still...
  3. RoyDGF

    Suggestions for New Weapons (with standards)

    I'd love to have seen more "human" weapons that had been modified to some extent by the Combine. I know the AR2's development is probably an imitation of our ballistic technology since it would seem all the Combine know how to do is assimilate and build-on to existing technology, and it's kind...
  4. RoyDGF

    What things would you have back from HL1?

    I'd very much like the AI back. Still trying to figure out what's so great about Adrian, besides his name.
  5. RoyDGF

    Last 2 Unknown Left 4 Dead 2 Campaign Posters Leaked?

    Wow, I see this "Hard Rain" campaign being designed around an industrial setting, and I see the "Dead Center" campaign being set around a shopping mall, and I just go all facepalm. Unless Valve are trying to be completely trite with their campaign titles, "Dead Center" given to the industrial...
  6. RoyDGF

    Changes from l4d to l4d2?

    Bingo. I'm surprised at the amount of people who actually realize this. In some ways, though, I feel as if Valve may be "cutting of their nose to spite their face." It almost seems like "L4D2" is the game Valve wanted, and instead of work full-out on adding it all to "L4D", they just, well...
  7. RoyDGF

    Everything you wanted to know...

    The Lamarckian mindset is actually a pretty fresh idea for an alien species' evolutionary strides, imo. Sure it was controverted to a great degree of success by Darwin, but it's not impossible, and it has at least occured once, recently, in some caterpillars iirc. It sounds kinda pedestrian on a...
  8. RoyDGF

    Left 4 Dead 2 Gameplay Videos & RPS Podcast

    Oh, well, that certainly makes more sense. Nah, though, not now.
  9. RoyDGF

    Left 4 Dead 2 Gameplay Videos & RPS Podcast

    Natch, that kinda goes without saying since it's based on improving everything about the original and essentially replacing it. I understand the reason for updating the original I guess, since it's inevitable that players will dislike the new additions, whether or not they're supposed to enhance...
  10. RoyDGF

    Left 4 Dead 2 Gameplay Videos & RPS Podcast

    Don't understand why anyone would want to continue playing Left 4 Dead if Left 4 Dead 2 is supposed to be everything L4D was, but, well, better. :/ I still think Valve acquired Turtle Rock a bit late in L4D's development cycle, and while Valve may have polished a bit, I think a good deal of...