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    Wheres Hostile-Planet Gone?

    The website is back online. Check for some media news.
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    Iron Grip: The Oppression Media

    Well the texture work has improved since their earlier media releases so i would say at least they are learning more as the go on. I say keep at it. It is funny how people want a mod released asap but then they want it to be the best possible quality in terms of limited bugs and graphics...
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    Nuclear Dawn Media and Developer Profile

    I cant wait to play this hl2 dm model replacement and map pack...
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    [release] Hidden-Source Beta4

    I had a noticeable performance drop when i upgraded from beta 3 to 4. Like 15 frames less.
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    Off-Limits 3 Year Anniversary Media

    With the pasting you guys have been giving the troy team on their first release, it is no wonder they want to hold it back till its right.
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    Incoming Source -Teaser Trailer

    You should have used on your mods music tracks as i believe they are alot better than what you used there. You were right about those bots :).
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    Age of Chavilry media

    Yes the interface is looking fantastic. This should go on the front page of Cannot wait :)
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    Incoming Source - April '06 Update

    Very swish.
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    Hidden 3 Trailer

    What are you talking about, i thought the trailer was great. Looking forward to the latest beta of the mod. Great music.
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    Morning Mod News

    I like the idea of news, hell even i submit some to the mods to cover, although i dont think they can compete with in regards to full coverage of half life 2 mods. Good work though fellas.
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    Incoming Source - Drivable Vehicle Demonstration Test

    It is looking very good.
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    Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45 Released!

    Just get someone to give you a beta key, they dont need it anymore more than likely.
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    Red Orchestra Steam Release Date

    Looking good mate.
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    Empires Mod Released!

    Looks very nice so far, i think once they release a linux server, then it may help with more dedicated servers not just users running it off their own boxes. Show promise and i cannot wait for more releases. Cheers.
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    Age of Chivalry Media Update

    The AOC mod recently posted a new media update for their fantastic looking game. Check it out here: Cheers.
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    Armed Assault News from BIStudios

    Loved the original games, cant wait for this to be released.
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    Incoming Source Media Update - 02/08/06

    The mod is looking great, keep up the good work.
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    Incoming Source - Public Apology

    I like the idea of dinosaur's, i save leave them in.
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    New Supreme Commander Screenshots

    That scale image does not work, can anyone mirror it?
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    Empires Mod Teaser video From that thread, also has extra info on the video etc. It is looking great so far.