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  1. Crispe

    Notes on baloons

    wat the hell is a baloon???? (balloon?) is this done with JBMod?
  2. Crispe

    Beat Game/Messed Around - Screenshots

    "Good game"? Somone is a little addicted to Counter-Strike. Got and issue? ;( Grab a tissue!
  3. Crispe

    [release] HL2: Friendly Fire 0.2

    Hmmm... how is that fun? just shooting allies? lol
  4. Crispe

    Can I drop my items?

    Why do people need to cheat, without first beating legit, and Im talking about any game. That just takes the fun out of it!
  5. Crispe

    Super happy NPC spawning guide

    Just look at the ragdoll, or anything you want to remove, and type ent_remove. I binded to a key :P
  6. Crispe

    Constructive things u have done with Garry's Mod

    Nevermind, just a very slow load, but map link is still down Sorry, scratch that, my isp sucked out for that moment
  7. Crispe

    Constructive things u have done with Garry's Mod

    Ummm, the links are all down, I wana see the bridge :( try to get the links back up, or post it on a better host ( ), ditto with the map
  8. Crispe

    CD Keys on eBay

    Ive heard of people buying legitamite (spelling?) cd keys from ebay, never tryed so myself thoe, wouldnt recommend you trying it
  9. Crispe

    New weapon!

    Haha that looked funny
  10. Crispe

    Did anyone else spot G-man during the airboat ride?

    I think there is a Gman sighting thread somone around here... or maybe that was some other fourms, but i kno there is one on steamfourms forsure
  11. Crispe

    Beat Game/Messed Around - Screenshots

    Done before, and their not even that great, if you want to really "mess around" with halflife2 get Garrymod, search it on recent posts
  12. Crispe

    Washing Machine Puzzle

    LMAO hahahaha yea, wouldnt be suprised if some people already have done it before, they just look at the car/airboat and say to themselfs "i wish i could ride that, oh well time to sprint!!"
  13. Crispe

    How do I pickup items

    I used the blocks, because Im cool :p
  14. Crispe

    Duke Nukem: Source

    Screenshot links are down
  15. Crispe

    A list of currently available mods

    Looks sort of like a furtureistic counter-strike, models dont look too great, nice so far thoe :p
  16. Crispe

    Guess how Many Watermelons are in the crate.

    haha i also doubt u even kno how many water melons there are alan
  17. Crispe

    Can You Find The G-Man

    fun, shuld hav been more object/people
  18. Crispe

    alyx and gordon together???

    how old r u :sleep: ?
  19. Crispe

    CS:S Gallery added

    alota pics, to lazy to see them all
  20. Crispe

    hello mossman

    my girlfriend > alyx > barney > mossman