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    Off Limits Development Update

    It did sound interesting, but you're gonna have to take my word on this, it wasn't. It was flawed in many ways, and even though it was hard to do for us, I'm glad we moved away from it and built on what was fun. Even in our subsequent gameplay iterations we've hit problems that followed from...
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    New Nuclear Dawn Media

    keep it up :)
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    Calling all mod owners and fans

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    The Insurgency Has Finally Begun!

    Haha I love how in the first vid at 1:20 you clearly see the 1st p player throwing a nade against his teammates head, screaming "INSURGENTS INSURGENTS", killing several teammates with the nade, yelling "We got X men down!" and taking their weapon :p Congratz on the release, I hear a lot of...
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    Off-Limits - '4 Years' Special Update

    Haha, at least we agree very much on that point :D
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    Off-Limits - '4 Years' Special Update

    You say that and have 'help the plan of attack revival' in your sig. Glad to see you're still waving. As far as graphically outdated goes - why are most online gamers still playing CS 1.6 ? Eyecandy is just that - for MP FPS games people want fps & gameplay, and you'll get a much bigger userbase...
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    Off-Limits - '4 Years' Special Update

    Or... Maybe... people should stop seeing this as a competition, or a race, or a duty towards gamers, or whatever. We don't mod for you, nor for showing off, nor to make money, nor to get a 1000 players and get on a plane to Valve. We mod to learn how to develop games, and we have learnt a lot...
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    Off-Limits - '4 Years' Special Update

    Probably; depends on dexter episodes, average rainfall in Belgium in july and august, the wind direction in my garden in a week and a half and the success of my any-E***-or-artificial-sweetener-containing-soda-detox. Caffeine is a bitch. Stay tuned.
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    Off Limits: Playtester Requests

    and you're as welcome as ever maj :)
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    Neotokyo Production Report

    The comparison with gmod is a stretch. Gmod is not a game, it's a mod in the purest sense of the word; while many other mods want to create a different game. Gmod is a sandbox that allows you to tinker with the physics in source. If I'm not mistaken I've seen belittling posts from garry...
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    Neotokyo Production Report

    Except your metaphor doesn't fly. In the case of your example, you can submit a work for validation to someone who is more qualified than you to judge it quality, i.e. the teacher. In the case of mod development, you get feedback from the end user, i.e. the reader, which is very subjective. A...
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    Neotokyo Production Report

    As simon posted, we're in the same boat as NT with Off Limits. Our internal quality is more than decent, and the game is getting fun to play. But there's no need for us to get public feedback for us yet, we have plenty of stuff we know we need to do to make the game more fun. We know what is...
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    Iron Grip Trailer Released

    For a mod, I wouldn't call that mediocre video editing; I kinda like it. Not everything is top notch quality, but I see an enormous amount of work in the vid, especially in the coding, modeling & animating dept. The amount of content in there is impressive. The anims aren't next-gen quality, but...
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    Off Limits Media Release & Ingame Videos

    Of course not, you're entitled to your own opinion; but you're still not getting my point; or maybe I'm using the wrong expression here. ND surely has excellent quality maps, but then again ND is made by industry professionals. We only have a couple of mappers. Simon for instance didn't know how...
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    Off Limits Media Release & Ingame Videos

    Hi guys, and thanks for the positive comments. Aprime, I understand why you're offended, but you misinterpreted what I said. I don't mean we raise the bar of mapping standards worldwide, I meant our mapping team raises the bar on what I expect from them, they continue to exceed themselves...
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    Nuclear Dawn Media Update - Competition

    Heh why bother? With their idea of good PR tactics they'll probably leak it themselves instead of having a normal release :p
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    Forsaken Media

    Post-apo with a capturing system; this mod will be closest to ours of all the other ones out there I think. I like what I'm seeing. Nice hud design (simplistic yet stylish, love it that way; it's best for immersion). I had the same reflex when I saw the weapon, I thought it was a CS import at...
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    Nuclear Dawn Media Update

    "Implementing" ? "Applying" would be a better choice of words, all it takes is a few lines in the .vmt. And they're by far not the first. I know they have better stuff to show than this, their policy of trying to get frontpages weekly with tidbits is just moronic. The team deserves more respect...
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    Shores of Glory teaser

    Impressive; both mapping and leveldesign seem superb. Jumped from my "never heard of it" list to my "gonna download" list (and the latter is small). I wonder if their maps are performance optimized though or if they used a killer rig to make that video :)
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    Nuclear Dawn Media Update

    Yawn at this thread; get over it. As for the newspost though, nothing to see really? Yet some more screens of the same player 'props'; is that worth being a newspost over and over and over again? There was a time when your post had to have significant newsvalue to make frontpage.