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  1. Dandan

    RIP Ralph McQuarrie

    RIP good man, you're life's work will live on for as long as there is galactic piece
  2. Dandan

    I believe it is the end when my local radio station was switching names they played this song the entire day. I say we do the same
  3. Dandan

    Where will you be on February 6th, 2040?

    I'll be 67 years old and probably hooked up to respirators and getting sponge baths from robots that know more about the universe than everyone in the Hospital. Also my children will be part cyborg and won't even know I exist anymore
  4. Dandan

    The Ghost in Your Genes

    Very interesting watch. I wonder if the guys who thought up Assassin's Creed ever watched this or not or knew of the theory.
  5. Dandan

    Where will you be on February 6th, 2040?

    ...because I want to be on Mars! Big Asteroid 2011 AG5 Could Pose Threat to Earth in 2040 More here... I hope we can figure out if this is going to hit us or not and what to do with it
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  7. Dandan

    Monitor buying

    Bought an LG 23" and it was like $150 about 2 years ago. I've seen them for around $125 at the lowest around 23-24". Try newegg, amazon, ebay,, etc. don't spend $400 on a monitor thats a rip off...
  8. Dandan

    Fringe - Season 4 (massive S3 spoilers)

    Great episode but 4 week break? I have almost next to nothing to watch. (actually might finally watch Boardwalk Empire S1)
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    the bitch listened...thats the important part
  10. Dandan

    The possible future of Chicken Farms

    Chickens Stacked to the Moon? that would be even more exciting
  11. Dandan

    Fashionable Accesories for Cats

    Next thing you'll see is Snuggies on cats and coming soon laser eye repair for your pets
  12. Dandan

    Play This Game and Have Good Time Its Free and On Steam! Played some last night but its a blast
  13. Dandan

    Mass Effect 3

    played the single and multiplayer demos on Xbox 360 and yes this game is amazing so far. I do want it day 1 but unfortunately I'd have to trade in some games in order to buy this one. Or I can just wait a few months and buy it then. Tough choice
  14. Dandan

    Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

    is there a way to see if the rig (laptop) you have can run Skyrim?
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    Wish my college I went to was like that :(
  16. Dandan

    Humble Bundle Mojam

    thats in the future bro when video games are finally made by A.I.
  17. Dandan

    Humble Bundle Mojam Donated and tried the alpha build of Catacomb Snatch, so far I can't wait to see what develops. not much to look at now obviously but awesome idea.
  18. Dandan

    The possible future of Chicken Farms

    I for one am becoming a vegetarian....once a month. I think I can handle it
  19. Dandan

    Films: Rate and Discuss

    Ip Man 2 9/10 Another amazing movie, and just as good as the original. If you like martial this movie. If you haven't seen the first, watch Ip Man. I'm not the biggest fan of martial arts, but this one is very solid and kept my attention. Also read the wiki on Ip Man, he influenced