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  1. TheMastahC

    World of Steamed Goo

    I've been following this game from when it was first just a prototype (Tower of Goo). Figured it would be perfect for Steam, but was disappointed when I kept not hearing about it being on Steam. Very glad that it is now coming to steam... Will buy it on the 13th.
  2. TheMastahC

    Rockstar comes to Steam You can already download GTA 1 and 2 for free from rockstar. I noticed in the pricing on Steam that they don't change anything for GTA 1 and 2, but doesn't seem like you can download them for free on Steam.
  3. TheMastahC

    Never touch Sasha...

    I Emailed Robin Walker saying He responded with
  4. TheMastahC

    Zombie Master BETA v1.0 Released

    Joined the only server that was up. Waiting 10 minutes to start playing. Game said "round restarting. Game crashed :(
  5. TheMastahC

    Team Fortress 2 Hands-On

    This is why I hate the internet. So many stupid people saying dumb things. The game won't be out for another 6 months, but it's already failed I guess to you people. "I can't use a more or less bug in the game to shoot myself across the map and capture the flag in 15 seconds, the game is ruined :(."
  6. TheMastahC

    PC Action Mag: Black Box Release Date

    Yeah, the elitist assholes that cannot handle change can play FF.
  7. TheMastahC

    First sign of the downfall of the American empire

    I'll start my own country where the average would then be 6'5.
  8. TheMastahC

    8 Hours?

    I'm sick of all the morons bitching about stupid shit.
  9. TheMastahC

    CS 1.6 Ads: Now Screening

    Lots of stupid in this topic. (From what people are saying).
  10. TheMastahC

    Blizzard's next MMO 'won't be another WoW' - exec

    if anything it should be Universe of Starcraft. But I would rather have a new RTS Starcraft or a non-pay-to-play Diablo 3
  11. TheMastahC

    Left 4 Dead Preview on CVG

    Whenever I make a game, I always make sure to start with all the important stuff first life graphics and sound. After that's finished, I work on whatever else needs to be done (if I have to do some sort of gameplay, I might fiddle with it at the end).
  12. TheMastahC

    Left 4 Dead Interview and Trailer

    You assume that. Because if the game is not out yet, and they're still working on it, then it's a work in progress.
  13. TheMastahC

    Left 4 Dead Trailer

    So this also has realtime motion blur and depth of field? (rawfullz)
  14. TheMastahC

    Left 4 Dead Interview and Trailer

    I want to have sex with this game.
  15. TheMastahC

    Valve **** us Over with In-game Ads loool

    People are really making themselves look stupid over this. Somehow even Solaris made himself look even worse. If I could I would **** with CS 1.6 so much. I love the game, but hate all of the pieces of shit that play it. They are the reason I don't play it. But that's the same with every online...
  16. TheMastahC

    Advertisements coming to Counter-Strike.

    I don't think they will put this in HL2 at all. Would only really work well with online games.
  17. TheMastahC

    Advertisements coming to Counter-Strike.

    Not saying it would be like that (I hope).... I just made that as a spray and was going into servers spraying that everywhere.
  18. TheMastahC

    Advertisements coming to Counter-Strike.

    I could see it work if instead of the 'Generic Cola' vending machine they had a Coke vending machine. I've already seen mods where people replaces the vending machine skin with a Coke one... So people have already been doing this sort of...
  19. TheMastahC

    Using the Wiimote to Play Half Life 2

    So far from what I've played an FPS on the Wii is still shit. It's the same as on any other console, only your arm gets tired. Horrible aiming. Ok, it's cool they got the controller to work on a computer, but playing any game with it will put you at a disadvantage.
  20. TheMastahC

    Crysis New old vid in HD + QA + 20min demonstration

    The shooting down trees seems nice, but I think it's pretty lame how one bullet will cut down a tree. And they even showed where you could punch down trees. Seems kind of lame. Also when the guy punched the other guy, his body flew back 15 feet. ew. Other than that, seems like it could be fun.