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  1. guchi

    Halo 3 Advert

    This is excactly what I was thinking, who wouldnt want to see a halo movie after watching this?!
  2. guchi

    Halo 3 Advert

    so ****ing badass
  3. guchi

    The Ship - Single Player

    yeah, you'd think they would give this to the people who bought the MP, I guess then need money though...
  4. guchi

    Official Supreme Commander Screenshot Thread

    agreed... and the nuclear explosion above ;(
  5. guchi

    Left 4 Dead announced - Valve does zombies!

    touché this does look awesome though, reading the scans make the hype-o-meter go way up top... i mean... err.... the magazine...
  6. guchi

    the best case for/against the wii

    I accidently watched this on fast forward the first time (and i didnt notice untill about half way through), so it was pretty hilarious.
  7. guchi

    Games need to start using this tech.

    I didnt know this was anything new D: sounds cool though
  8. guchi

    IGN - Very impressed with Motorstorm (Japanese version)

    hypeometer just went up for this game, although I doubt I will ever get a PS3 :laugh:
  9. guchi

    Wii...or XB360?

    wii60 :P
  10. guchi

    Natural Selection 2.0 announced!!!

    oh man, I cant wait, NS is awesome :) G4B2S ftw
  11. guchi

    Mexican magazine ATOMIX unwraps Wii (56K)

    its so... stylish! :D
  12. guchi

    Halo 3 in Swedish Mag!

    Then why are they adding it to Episode 2 if it isnt fun?
  13. guchi

    Halo 3 in Swedish Mag!

    I love the art direction in halo, it all boils down to taste... although yes, hl2s art direction was far more original.
  14. guchi

    will the Nintendo Wii be sold out the day it is released?

    Ive heard that there will be plenty of systems to go around, and they come in weekly shipments... Thats all I know
  15. guchi

    Halo 3 in Swedish Mag!

    I agree with halo 3 needing to have something new and not just the same formula with a few addons, it is supposed to be next-gen after all... Edit: New Info: Bungie states the new use for the X button will "Change the whole game", but they are not ready to reveal it yet. :O
  16. guchi

    Halo 3 in Swedish Mag!

    agreed, and I dont even own an xbox/xbox 360... I finished halo 1 on heroic for PC today actually :D
  17. guchi

    Halo 3 in Swedish Mag!

    Im swedish and Ive never heard of a mag called "level"... Halo 3 looks pretty sweet though, but surprisingly alot like Halo 2
  18. guchi

    Best Enviroment in game?

    Beyond Good and Evil was breathtaking. I agree with alot of other games here though!
  19. guchi

    Halo Movie Loses Both Studios, May Be Canned!

    I dont think Peter Jackson will have that much of an input though, hes just an executive producer. I think this movie can work too, seeing as halo is very cinimatic as it is.
  20. guchi

    Halo Movie Loses Both Studios, May Be Canned!

    I was looking forward to this :( hope it makes it... It probobly will.