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    Rest of World - The Latest

    LOL at making a video. Anyway, I'm sure that the publishers behind these games have a lot more knowledge of what the best methods of distributing "their" games than people speculating on forums.
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    Half-Life 2 Episode Pack is Now Available

    I think it means we won't see Ep. 3 for a very, very long time. :(
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    IGN Goldrush Hands-On

    Sure miss the days of the expected Wednesday Steam update.
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    Rainbow Six Vegas 2 is Now Available for Pre-Order

    Not if they have some sort of contractual agreement with retailers that says they're not allowed to. I'd love to try rainbow six vegas, but 20 is too high for me if i can't try it out. The lack of demos on the PC these days is absurd. Makes me think they're banking on me NOT liking it. Do...
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    UBISOFT to Expand Their Games Catalog on Steam

    20 bucks for splinter cell? lol
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    International Online Soccer Source is Released

    Agreed. I caught this at PlanetHalfLife today, not sure if it's been posted here yet or not. It's not bad for an initial release. I'd like to see more mods release a working beta as a work in progress, and let the game grow from there. Staring at renders year after year...
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    Steam Weekend Deal - Prey only $4.95!

    First off, there were a few things i like. Graphically, it did a pretty good job using the Doom 3 engine, i'll give it that. It had some large environments and gorgeous scenery in places. But what i hate is when developers adopt an engine, and the game moves and feels just like the game that...
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    Steam Weekend Deal - Prey only $4.95!

    Very disappointing game. Visuals and features (portals and that ceiling walk thing) were great, but the game play was terrible. I had to force myself to finish it just so i wouldn't have to play it again, something i hate doing. But at 5 dollars, it's not a bad deal.
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    Are the red trumpets ready?

    I'd love to see more games on steam adopt Valve's server browser. It's still the best one i've ever used.
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    New site design

    #1 by far.
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    New site design

    It could also use some uniformity. Symbols for CS & Portal then models for TF2 & L4D? And DoD seems to be missing altogether. The rest of the front page looks fine, though.
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    New site design

    Site looks fresh, it's nice. I'd definitely redo the banner though, it's hideous.
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    Steam is Epic!

    I think it's a Microsoft studios published game, so i can't see it happening.
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    Steam News Update - Friday, March 14 2008

    There's a rumor it's epic, but who knows.
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    Atari Comes to Steam

    No Choplifter? :(
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    Lombardi - PC to overtake Consoles

    Yeah, but that's the developer's problem to solve, not the consumer's. The Developers know the money's in the consoles, so if they have to cut corners and compromise this or that to make it sell, then they'll do it. Considering all game production are done on PC's, it's ideal to release it on...
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    New Publishers Coming to Steam

    I'd love to see Lucas Arts bring their catalog over.
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    Gametrailers TV Heading to Valve

    I foresee something along the lines of, "It's on our "list" of things to do." I can't see them making a counter-strike 2 on the source engine when nothing would likely change dramatically. They've got so much on there table as it is, and they're probably focusing on bringing cs, dod and such to...
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    Valve Unveils Steamworks

    Amazing. And to top it off, the steam's server list is probably the best i've ever used for any online game. Acessing online servers from windows without having to get a third-party program is something i've always liked. The options are limitless for game developers.
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    Left 4 Dead - Dated

    I hope they redo some of the models. from memory, a bunch were pretty meh.