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    Id games on Steam = Sweet

    I liked Quake 4. A heck of a lot more than other games I see people raving about like OpFor, Farcry, and definitely Doom 3 (but nobody raves about Doom 3).
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    Id games on Steam = Sweet

    Unless we own those seperately. I don't have the cell phone games, but I have Quake 4 (developed by Raven, but owned by id).
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    Id Software and Valve violating GPLs!

    That he named Dosbox.exe and used the dosbox icon for? I just hope they resolve it soon before more people get pissy and hopefully before anyone in the 3 companies involved gets upset.
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    Dr. Stanley Rosenburg?

    I know I used to. I haven't visited this forum since around the HL2 release... he was on my ignore list.
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    Dr. Stanley Rosenburg?

    I think I officially am in love with Samon.
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    Gameplay Video One

    Still sounds like sense to me. However, I can believe silence, so I will agree with that. I am losing my hearing after all.
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    What does the Combine want on Earth?

    Gordon's resiliant! You can send your entire army at him one at a time or in small groups and he'll just hide behind the infinite rocket crate so he can pick them off as they come and drop new health for him. He truly is unstoppable.
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    Portal: (Possible Spoilers)

    Judging by the pricing, it's a US government job. Eh, they don't pay attention.
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    Portal: (Possible Spoilers)

    The entire thing is out of the ordinary. Large Egret? What is Franklin's favorite letter? What is your favorite color... twice. I'm fairly confident the only reason they asked you about regicide is so they'd have excuse to call you a liar.
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    Portal: (Possible Spoilers)

    The video screen is meant to be the ultimate secret of the flash, obtained via the secret code. They just screwed up and accidentally gave it to people anyway for a while.
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    Portal: (Possible Spoilers)

    No, it refers to regicide. Like the rest of the questionnaire, it's meant to be silly.
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    Portal: (Possible Spoilers)

    They made another change. You no longer get the 'relaxation chamber' upon completion of the application.
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    Portal: (Possible Spoilers)

    The new one does not appear to give you the end screen automatically. You must use thecakeisalie at the command prompt to get to it. Before you could finish the questionnaire, also.
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    Portal: (Possible Spoilers)

    It is now ApertureScience17.swf and it is reported that the GLaOS version number has changed accordingly. Thanks to Aeron3 for pointing this out to me. 16 is still up, checking for differences now.
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    Portal: (Possible Spoilers)

    In addition to what AJ Rimmer said, the other guy you see is yourself through a portal. That's not a combine symbol, it's the Aperture Laboratores logo. And it's an Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device that he is holding.
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    can i put the new update onto a usb drive

    Just be patient. Let it update overnight (or a few nights). Voila, it's done.
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    NO MP PPL COMPLAIN, we get MP, ppl still complain..

    Because you choose to have it set to automatically update and you lose access to the game for less than 12 hours, it's the perfect occassion to fly off the handle?
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    HL2 won't run!

    Hey! Aren't there other threads on this already?
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    So is there a gordon model?

    I'm assuming if there is a Gordon model, it's not in HL2DM.
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    Well let's see if we can't figure this out

    WinXP Home SP2 512 MB Nvidia GeForce FX 5200 61.77 P4 1.614 Ghz HL2 Gold Waiting to hear a good solution.