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    More Mac Gaming Prophesised, Linux Too.

    Well, they've done linux server releases for ever, though I believe only one guy at Valve does the linux porting.
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    Steam for Mac Now Available, Launch Titles Here

    Peggle is also available and not on your list!
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    The Passing Delayed

    There's a massive surprise!
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    John Cook on Steam on Mac

    Mostly just the same line they've been repeating over and over.
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    Valve Brings Steam and Source to the Mac

    Great news, though this will harm Crossover (and Wine) who probably make a significant amount of their income from supporting Valve games on Macs.
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    Natural Selection 2 coming to Steam

    Pre-ordered the special edition that day it was announced - can't wait! I spent more time playing NS than any other game, for years, and still play now and then. One of the most exciting and tense FPS ever.
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    Planned Downtime for Steam Tomorrow

    Well, steam used to be down more than it was up, in the not-too-distant past...
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    Left 4 Dead DLC / New Game Mode and SDK Details

    Distributing experiences, whatever next? Soon they'll be saying we can distribute emotions...
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    Team Fortress 2 Update Released

    Doesn't look like it's nerfed crits to me, just made them based on more recent events...
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    New Left 4 Dead Patch This Week

    I've pretty much given up playing L4D. I love the game, I just can't reliably find a server that works for me with the matchmaking. It's very frustrating. I'm not against matchmaking in principle, I'd just like it to work!
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    Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 is Now Available

    Can't appear to get it in the UK. Link gives an error and a search on the steam site for red alert returns nothing :(
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    IGN Reviews Left 4 Dead

    I would imagine they'll add versus support to the other maps soon after release. Yes. They'll disable it on the release.
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    Left 4 Dead Demo Update Released

    In terms of number of clicks it's a fair number, when every other valve game has a 'Create server' option straight on the main menu... 7 clicks vs 2 clicks.
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    Left 4 Dead Demo Update Released

    It's a very long way round, as far as I can see. You've got to create a private lobby, then make it public. It won't let you directly create a public one, it just joins you to an existing lobby.
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    Left 4 Dead Demo Update Released

    Can you create your own _public_ lobby?
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    Left 4 Dead Demo Update Released

    I love the _idea_ behind matchmaking, but even when used at it's simplest it's broken most of the time. It rarely works perfectly. It needs more control over it too - it's too much of a 'black box' as it is - the inability to create your own lobby being just one example of this.
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    Valve Complete Pack is The Best Deal in History

    I would guess so. It's not marked as being a limited time offer, and they've had a 'Complete Pack' for years...
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    Left 4 Dead Demo Update Released

    Ah, never clicked "Play with Friends" as I don't have any friends ;) Just tried that and it doesn't appear to work with public servers. As soon as you switch it to "public" as the type, it just does what the normal method does - joins existing lobbies if they exist... I'm getting a bit fed up...
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    Left 4 Dead Demo Update Released

    Anyone know if there's a way to start a local server without attempting to matchmake repeatedly until you get to be the lobby leader, by chance? Except for starting a dedicated server that is...
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    Left 4 Dead and Steam Updates

    Certainly future games, maybe TF2, possible CS:S. I doubt anything else will get it... On an unrelated note: I've realised that L4D is much faster to get in-game than other Source based games. It can take minutes sometimes to get into a TF2 game. It's also faster to get to the menu. This is...