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  1. diluted

    Half-life 2 bug

    According to the description in your video, you are running an Intel GMA 3100, which is an integrated graphics card... not made for gaming. You'd have a much better experience if you bought a proper graphics card.
  2. diluted

    GAHHH need help with half life 2

    The T5500 is a mobile CPU, so yes, he's using a laptop. Which means the GPU is likely an Intel GMA.... crap for games. Like lord_raken suggested, lowering your graphics settings might help.
  3. diluted

    [Updated] Pachter - Steam May Soon Offer Trade-Ins, Lombardi Says No

    Smelled like bullshit from the start... why would Valve do this? They would only stand to lose money by letting their customers trade old games in towards credit for new games.... as opposed to just making them pay full price for new games.
  4. diluted

    Playing on Mac or Windows?

    should be titled "playing on OSX or Windows?" since Macs are PCs anyway.
  5. diluted

    Portal refuses to start

    why are you running it in a VM? 3d acceleration support in most VM products is shit to none. that is why you are having problems.
  6. diluted

    Valve and AMD to Distribute Drivers via Steam

    You get the best bang for your buck with ATI. Nvidia cards might be better, but you pay a premium for miniscule performance gains.. Plus, I had two 8800 GTXs die on me in the last few years..
  7. diluted

    Prima In-Game Guides on Steam

    people still buy these things? i mean, they had a place 15 years ago before most of us had internet, but who would actually pay 20 bucks for this and you don't even get a physical copy?
  8. diluted

    It's Official, Steam Coming to Linux

    gaming was one of the things holding me back from running linux as my primary operating system. can't wait for this!
  9. diluted

    Valve Brings Steam and Source to the Mac

    No love for the penguin :(
  10. diluted

    Valve Teases a Mac Release of Steam

    meh. don't care about mac osx support, because i won't pay $400 extra for the same hardware with a different operating system. i hope they make a native linux version of steam and the games, but im not holding my breath.
  11. diluted

    Steam Downtime - 4th February

    6 pm PST = 9pm EST
  12. diluted

    Pre-Purchase Bioshock 2 on Steam Now

    Was all ready to pre-order this until I saw it not only has Securom, but Games for Windows Live. GFWL was a serious pain in the ass in the PC port of GTA4, so there's no way I'm buying this. You'd think 2k would get a clue after the shitstorm surrounding the Bioshock release. The pirate copy...
  13. diluted

    Switzerland bans minarets

    Good for the Swiss. I wonder why the people against this feel that the Swiss don't have the right to preserve their own culture and identity. Who says they have to appease anyone?
  14. diluted

    Left 4 Dead 2 Update

    Fix the AI, Valve! It should be at least remotely possible to beat a campaign on Expert mode with 3 bots. As soon as a horde or tank shows up they all get assraped because they're dumb as shit.
  15. diluted

    Alienware Team Up With Steam

    I think it's more about the first thing (flaunting your supposed wealth) than having a gaming PC. Any local computer joint will build you a custom gaming PC if you just give them a list of parts, and still for a lot less than an alienware costs. Also, its already been said, but the cases are...
  16. diluted

    Left 4 Dead 2 Demo Released!

    This. Something feels off about the weapons, maybe I'm just so used to the ones from L4D1? In particular the shotgun bothered me, feels different than the one from the first game. Guess I just need to get used to it.
  17. diluted

    Pre-Load Left 4 Dead 2 Demo Now - Delayed till 28th

    well i'm glad i came on here before i went to sleep, i was contemplating waking up early tomorrow to play for an hour before i leave the house. i'm pretty forgiving of valve but they really ****ed this demo launch up.
  18. diluted

    Crash Course PC Version Out Now, Save 50% on Left 4 Dead

    Didn't think it was that great. Way too many weapons around, also the tank spawning seems a little messed up sometimes. You can get a tank right at the start of the level, before you have a chance to get upgraded weapons or molotovs.
  19. diluted

    German soldiers in WWII- Murderers or regular men?

    I never said the holocaust didn't happen, but there are aspects of it that are excepted as canon, such as the "6 million" figure, which I disagree with. How can we have constructive debate when you're calling me a "nazi anti-semite" for daring to have a differing opinion on a historical event...
  20. diluted

    German soldiers in WWII- Murderers or regular men?

    Much of what is written about Germany's so-called war crimes are exaggerations or outright lies. History is written by the winner, and Germany definitely did not win. The fact that 'holocaust denial' can land you in prison in some western countries is all the incentive I need to question the...