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  1. sixteenth

    PAX East

    Anyone from going? Just received my badge today. I'm making the trip out from Chicago to go Friday. This will be my first time going to PAX (or any gaming type of convention before), so I'm pretty excited.
  2. sixteenth

    5 Year Old Laptop GPU Dead - Time For An Upgrade, I Guess

    For starters: At this point, I'm not even looking to fix this thing. The problem lies with the GPU which is soldered ever so nicely onto the board. It's an ASUS Intel CoreDuo 2.4Ghz w/ 4gb of ram and an Nvidia 9500m w/ 512mb (lol). So, **** it. It's time for a long needed upgrade. Here it...
  3. sixteenth

    Steam asking for further machine details in relation to Dota 2 beta?

    Just wondering if this is legitimate. It is from "[email protected]", but the email has a strange format in my client.
  4. sixteenth

    Arrested Development: Season Four Coming, Lead Into Movie

    Announced via twitter post by Mitchell Hurwitz (creator): Source:!/NewYorker/status/120599846745931777 More info: Summary in three words: HELL...
  5. sixteenth

    Portal: No Escape

    Love the ending.
  6. sixteenth

    Crysis 2 Pulled from Steam aka 'OMG EA Are pulling all their games from Steam' Well, this probably means no Battlefield 3 on Steam.
  7. sixteenth

    Katamari Internet Surfing

    Have fun. *Chrome only, by the way. Here's an example if you do not know what Katamari is.
  8. sixteenth

    Should I venture into the Playstation realm?

    Well, here's the lowdown. I just purchased a new 47" LCD and want to satisfy it. I've previously committed to buying a PS3 and a few games, but now I'm starting to get cold feet. I already have a 360, but I feel as if I'm missing out on games like Killzone, Resistance, Uncharted, MGS4, etc...
  9. sixteenth

    Another Building a Computer Thread

    A friend of mine needs help with putting a tower together, so he requested my assistance today. I had him email a list of the parts he wanted so that I could do a little research and see if any potential problems could arise. Here's what he wants: He's basically going all in with AMD. Good...
  10. sixteenth

    Help With An Anthropology Assignment..

    Hello fellow HL2.netters, Knowing that has a very multicultural community, I was hoping that one of you would be able to help me out. I have an assignment for an Anthropology 100-level class due soon that involves interviewing someone who was born in another country and has...
  11. sixteenth


    I guess they might try to make another one. But nothing will top the original. Yay more manly topless volleyball scenes!
  12. sixteenth

    Stewart and Colbert to announce something soon.. (Restoring Truthiness?)

    Anybody catch Colbert/Stewart tonight? Well, Stewart ended his episode by announcing that he will be announcing some sort of announcement among epic proportions. Colbert then followed, during his show opening, that he has become aware of the internet movement that has been encouraging him to...
  13. sixteenth

    Resident Evil: Afterlife Loved the first one, but the movies certainly diminished in quality after that. APC in the trailer was a nice touch; that's actually one of my favorites by them. Also, Milla Jovovich is hot.
  14. sixteenth

    A Little of My Photography

    This is all stuff from my high school AP class a few years ago. I've basically completely lost any interest in photography due to the amount of stress and lack of free-time my studies require. I'd like to start up again later in life once I have more time and can afford a new digital (these were...
  15. sixteenth

    Joah Hex

    Just saw the commercial today. Looks awesome, but in a Tarantino/Rodriguez kind of way. Wish Megan Fox wasn't in it though. Also, "On September 2, 2009, Ain't it Cool News reported that heavy metal band Mastodon are scoring the film and have been...
  16. sixteenth

    Left 4 Dead - The Movie?

    Sorry if I had completely missed this, but a friend on Facebook just asked me to "Like" this so it's completely new to me. Websites: Btw, did a search, couldn't find anything...
  17. sixteenth

    iPhone 4G found on bar floor...

    At least Engadget thinks it's the 4G. **** you Apple for making me want this thing. EDIT: I guess this is actually the real deal. Engadget spotted this device a few months ago in one of Apple's test labs. The photo is pretty grainy...
  18. sixteenth

    Nope. Not happening this year.

    At least Gamespot and Game Informer don't think so.;title;2
  19. sixteenth

    Cigarette Taxes (U.S.)

    This getting goddamn ridiculous. I know most of you probably do not smoke. I know most of you will defend why you don't with an enthusiastic tongue. That's not what this thread is about. This...
  20. sixteenth

    Favorite Comedian(s)?

    So yea, just bought my main floor ticket for Denis Leary and Special Guests at The Chicago Theatre for April 11th. I am goddamn stoked for this show, I loved this dude ever since I saw "No Cure For Cancer" oh so many years ago. It's gonna be tight beyond any other show I've seen before... I...