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    Motherboard/CPU deal at fry's

    I've been looking for a new motherboard/cpu and i came across an ad in the newspaper at my local Fry's, and i'm just wondering if it's worth it because i'm not sure if that motherboard is anygood... AMD Athlon XP 2200+ Processor and ECS motherboard -bare cpu with quantispeed architecture...
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    Gordon Freeman's Family

    I don't know if anyone has noticied this (or talked about this before) but I was playing Half-life single player for kicks when i noticed Freeman's locker had a baby picture in it. This could lead to him having a wife and a baby. Maybe something will be talked about in half-life 2 about Gordon's...
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    "Your Hot Female" thread

    bastard_loud wanted it, so here we go!
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    Rather have it delayed than poorly put together

    i know some games that they just release it to make tons of moolah! then release a patch like 4 days after it's released. that sucks! Vavle is good by delaying it and spending more time on it
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    Hating the G-man..

    Do you think they will do the same thing in Hl2 as they did in opposing force and half-life? You know, the 'g-man behind the glass where you cant get at' or the 'g-man staring at you as he's setting up a bomb' or the 'g-man going through the door and you follow and he's vanished'. If valve...
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    Half-Life 2 Military?

    Will there be grunts or tanks in half-life 2? There should most definently have some form of Army sent by the U.N.. IT IS an invasion on earth, so there should be an army there. Jets would be cool also, like someone said, 'we could call air-strikes on striders' lol. Remember in half-life 1...