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    Help Wanted: rotating room project

    Plus, assuming the same rules apply as they do in HL1, the room would have to be inside a larger non-entity'd room, else the map will cry when you try and compile it.
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    Final Destination 3

    - You have pressed 2 - No I didn't ! - I'm almost positive you did !
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    [release] Hidden-Source Beta4

    I just updated the YO Clan server and it should have the Pigsticker... ...But it was the first time I've done such a thing and probablity said I did something wrong. Let me know ! :)
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    Mod ideas looking for help

    Cloppy, Cloppy, Cloppy... you lost me at :
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    Source SDK help thread

    Start Steam, go to Tools, download the SDK, open the SDK, open Hammer, enjoy. Serves 5.
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    Source SDK Coder wanted for my Mod

    I'm surprised there isn't a pre-made post explaining all about copyright law somewhere on the forums that could just be copy/paste'd into every thread about the new Final Fantasy / Resident Evil / Matrix / Halo mod. I'm not meaning to be the cliché, abusive forums person here, it's just that if...
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    Source SDK Coder wanted for my Mod

    But those people aren't posting here... and when they are, they get told the same thing. Just because everyone else is ripping off other people's IP, that doesn't mean it's OK... why do you even want to try and crowbar Final Fantasy VII into Source when you could make up your own stuff which...
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    Source SDK Coder wanted for my Mod

    Sounds fantasticly illegal.
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    Source SDK Coder wanted for my Mod

    I can't imagine you'll get many worthwhile replies to a "mystery mod" post... you'll actually have to tell people what you're doing.
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    What is a degenerate triangle?

    I'd suggest going to those co-ordinates and seeing what's there. If I could win money by guessing, I'd say there'd be a wacky shaped face.
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    Incoming Source - Future Goodies

    That bloke screams Halo.
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    first ever model

    Derailed the thread ?
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    first ever model

    Yes, I know... I thought I was being "funny".
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    first ever model

    What program were you using ?
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    Multiple Skins

    OK, I've spent the past 2 hours trying every suggestion I could find on the internet, and none of them have helped, so I turn to you forums... please help. :) I'm trying to compile a model with multiple skins so they can be triggered to change in Hammer, however the model viewer is having none...
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    Half Life: Dark Horizon Project Team Members Needed

    3 PR people ? Is that really necessary ?
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    The Gate 2 looking for help

    Especially not ones made by a modeller thinking "I don't have to unwrap this". :)
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    The Philosophers Project

    "non-stop action" doesn't actually mean "non-stop action"... it's just one of those things mod teams say... like "jaw dropping visuals" or "innovative gameplay". :P
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    EGO is recruiting!

    I, personally, don't believe animating is an extension of modelling... it's a totally different set of skills. Sure, if you know the program you're using to model, it's easy to grab some limbs and say "left hand forwards, right hand backwards", but in doing so you'll just create stiff, lifeless...