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    Insurgency Patch 1.1 released

    The thing that bothers me is that you hold down the crouch button rather than toggle it. Otherwise, this is superb, the quality is great for the first release of a mod.
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    Episode 2, TF2 & Portal - Expected Summer 2007

    A lot of the ****tards on this board forget that Valve is releasing three goddamn games in one.
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    New HL2: Survivor screenshots

    Played this while in japan. Controls were as weird as hell, and even the "story mode" had been japanised! This includes text iindicating you've killed someone, big arrows... flipping awesome though I only had about 10-15 minutes.
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    Game Exchange Rates

    Solution: Get it off of Steam.
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    One Decade or Two?

    Eli said that he was only able to grab that photo and Alyx on his way out of BM. She was probably a small child at the time of the incident.
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    Some enemies feel like cameosin Ep1

    I want to see more Combine enemies, probably synths and other similar things, seeing as the transhumans have failed in the Combines' eyes .
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    One Decade or Two?

    If Alyx was a young kid at the time of Black Mesa, 15 or 20 years sounds far more realistic than 10.
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    Favorite In-game Music

    Interesting, It claims that the files are in use or steam is open when I try to open the Episode One shared file.
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    If Gordon were ever to talk what would his first words be?

    Gordon: "I didnt want to kill things or study physics, all I wanted to be was... was.... a lumberjack!" Citizen standing nearby: "We're ******"
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    Funny Ep1 quotes (spoilers)

    The Metrocops clearly dont want to stay and die in City 17, so they'd probably desert. Explains why we only saw a couple of em, which was odd. Infact, there was only a single group of them at all, who appeared during the evacuation at the end.
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    Darwinia. Steam. Orgasm.

    Yeah, PC gamer UK have been really supportive of Introvision and Darwinia recently, when Introvision came under the threat of closure, literally begging people to buy it. I may give it a go, and if i like it, I might get it.
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    All Valve Retail Packages Confirmed

    A DOD: Source retail package would be nice though.
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    Least favirote chapter?

    How long did that take you?
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    Wasn't Breen in a wheelchair in Decay ?

    lol, the PS2 cant even fully handle a modified quake engine...
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    Weekly Steam News (09/09/05)

    *Reloads BAR* YEAH! *Remembers ISDN connection* DOH! No downloading DoD:S for me...
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    Day of Defeat®: Source Available September 26

    YEEAAAHHHHH!!!!! Bye-bye CS:S, hello DoD:S!
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    Valve Week at -- Day Five

    iron sights in DoD:source? **** YEAH!
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    FIRST TF2 Info

    Its a bit like how the sequal to Enemy Territory is set in the Quake universe, while the origional was a multiplayer freeware game that was built on Return to Castle Wolfenstein.
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    Blue Shift Released on Steam

    Naaa, Op4 had the best intro ever. Quick, funny, you get to know the situation and where you are, and the crap hits the fan quickly.
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    Whos voice is it at the end of the trailer?

    I can't recognise it at all. It could just be a character I can't put a face to. I don't think its G-Man.