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  1. Steel.Inferno

    How does one decide on a new internet handle?

    Mine name here is from the title of a book I read ages ago. I only use the full name here and on xfire, though I have become attached to the SI abbreviation. I have different aliases for most communities, depending on when I joined or just because I want a new one. Since I tend to be only...
  2. Steel.Inferno


    Hm, never been caught myself. However I have walked in on others though, which is 10x worse.
  3. Steel.Inferno

    Red Orchestra + Darkest Hour = $5

    The community is by no means large, but for example one clan runs several 50 player servers and at least one of them is always full, which is where I play. I wouldn't call RO the best WW2 shooter, it is the most comprehensive and realistic one though. It makes me think of playing Company of...
  4. Steel.Inferno

    Red Orchestra + Darkest Hour = $5

    Had a good run around on Brecourt, until I got autobanned for teamkilling due to people thinking the guns we're supposed to blow up make great cover. Not a great selection of servers yet
  5. Steel.Inferno

    Senior role call...

    Waiting for the state to give me my diploma still... 6 months after finishing all reqs and filing the paperwork. Yay. Community college HS diploma program > high school, however.
  6. Steel.Inferno

    New Modern Combat 2 teaser

    Repeat of the AC-130 level, I see. And snowmobiles looks fun.
  7. Steel.Inferno

    G.I. Joe The Rise of Cobra - theatrical trailer 1

    As above, saw the trailer before star trek. And my immediate impression was wtf, is this a crysis movie? Still, explosions and whatnot are fun.
  8. Steel.Inferno

    More STALKER :o

    I approve of more stalker. Though I've not beaten Clear Sky yet... I made it into the point-of-no-return land unknowingly, and then realized my armor was shredded to pieces. Trying to beat all of that territory and the next without any bullet resistance was just too frustrating... SoC seemed to...
  9. Steel.Inferno

    What's your favorite and least favorite campaign?

    No real favorite, but I don't like Blood Harvest at all. The finale is just irritating and the forest bits are just hard. Plus it makes just about no sense for there to be thousands of zombies out in the woods/farmlands.
  10. Steel.Inferno

    Tough Choice

    Any reason you can't do both? I mean, not at the same time, but I'm sure the police could use someone highly skilled with computers.
  11. Steel.Inferno

    I'm deeply depressed.

    Thanks for the link, that movie is pretty much awesome.
  12. Steel.Inferno

    Left 4 Dead PC DLC Now Available

    I had no idea you could buy the movie posters... Tempting, very tempting...
  13. Steel.Inferno

    Zeno Clash: Unofficial/Official Thread

    A positive review of sorts up on rockpapershotgun. All four recommended it.
  14. Steel.Inferno

    7 days

    I stopped for two weeks a while ago because I was curious how long it would take until I started having wet dreams again. (Answer, ~8 days iirc) As with Raziaar I thought that would be more pleasurable or whatever, at the cost of messiness. (normal is 1-2 times daily, generally to help me sleep...
  15. Steel.Inferno

    What game have you replayed the most?

    Max Payne 1, beaten the whole game at least 4-5 times, and I usually only replay the first act.
  16. Steel.Inferno

    There are things in my eyes

    If my vision ever becomes crap enough I need something, I'm sticking to glasses. Eyes are not meant to be touched D:
  17. Steel.Inferno

    What do you use your cell phone for ?

    Playing music is pretty much it these days. No internet, rarely talk, occasionally text.
  18. Steel.Inferno

    Star trek Clip

    I've been on a flight that did so (Southwest Airlines). But there's a point to that, the crew did a good job, it was entertaining/pleasant etc. I don't see why one would applaud in a movie theater, all they do was play the film and usher with their red glowy stick things.
  19. Steel.Inferno

    Bored with my games - recommend me something new!

    Alright then. I'd be surprised if you haven't played it already, but how about Call of Duty? I didn't much like the newer World at War, but Modern Warfare was extremely good in both SP and MP. In a different direction: SWAT 4? Very, very good cooperative multiplayer (or decent versus)...