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    Who's preloading HL2: Aftermath on Monday!
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    Q&A with Doug Lombardi :)
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    NEW Aftermath scans!

    can someone send me the scans? Thanks.
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    Nuclear Dawn media update

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    Nuclear Dawn media release! second and third are in-game screens :eek:
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    Nuclear Dawn

    its not a countdown.
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    Mod of the Year!

    RO won MOTY last year. btw, bms Best upcoming mod!! :p
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    Kalt has been released

    Great! :smoking:
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    football mod
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    New screens on Black Mesa: Source

    why no news in home page?
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    Black Mesa: Source \\ Website UP!

    have you tried to use CTRL+F5? if it doesn't wok try to delete all you have in cache using firefox/IE menù.
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    Black Mesa: Source \\ Website UP!

    i solved the website "This host will be up within 10 minutes" issue deleting cache (CTRL+F5) just to inform you :P
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    Aftermath ETA Confirmed!

    They said $12...
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    Two New Aftermath Screenshots!

    its an old interview? i can't find it...
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    Two New Aftermath Screenshots!

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    Black Mesa: Source \\ Website UP!

    mysql error for me... :(
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    Black Mesa: Source \\ Website UP!

    ehm, the website was up this morning (GMT)....
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    Insurgency Mod Update!

    first of all, i can't change anything because the forum isn't mine... :D and i meant that their showcase section is viewable only for registered members, after a registration, not two. :naughty:
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    Insurgency Mod Update!

    not only. Iraq, Croatia, and many more. p.s: delete your stupid pic. is quite offensive.
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    Insurgency Mod Update!

    guys, in the showcase developments section (need registration) there are more than 10 exclusives pics. :E