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    Half-Life 2: Episode 1 Details Emerge

    something is wrong with the specs How is the min 2.4 Ghz, but the recommend 1.2? is it suppoed to be the other way around?
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    Subscribing to a Download Site

    fileplanet is best for subscriptions. filefront is best if you want it for free (not as long wait times)
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    All my CD Drives blew up!

    well the Sony DRM didnt have anything to do with this, however i have solved the problem. Heres what i did: NOTE: THIS DOES INVOLVE REGISTRRY EDITING TO MAKE SURE TO DO A BACKUP!
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    All my CD Drives blew up!

    yes they do spin, and remember that the bios detects them fine. I would be suspiecious of hardware if it was only 1 CD drive but this is happening to A) My internal IDE CD Drive B) My External USB 2.0 DVD Drive C) My Alcohol 120% Virtual drive
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    All my CD Drives blew up!

    i heard about that, but unfortunately, it has nothing to do with my situation :P
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    All my CD Drives blew up!

    the IDE cable is not loose. I have trued uninstalling driver and clicking scan for changes. The troubleshooting wizard shows up a blank screen when it comes up
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    All my CD Drives blew up!

    i am on windows xp, im going to try that now edit: did not work. i rebooted, then as soon as it popped up, it started adding the devices automatically. It says that the device has been installed but may not be working properly
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    My webcomic

    thats very good! i love all the civ IV sections (so true) I would suggest using photoshop or illustrator to make them look more professional (similar to how the other webcomics do it) but your ideas are great keep up the good work
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    All my CD Drives blew up!

    Let me start by saying that i have absolutely no clue what happened Anyways, all of my CD/DVD Drives are not visible. BIOS detects them, but when i go to My Computer, no CD drives show up. I then go to device manager and both of my CD drives have a little Warning sign next to them. It says...
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    Counter Strike Source Dedicated Server Help

    i dont know the answer to your problem, however if you subscribe to the Windows Server mailing list, you may get your answer
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    Jessica Alba poses nude!

    i noticed it was a screamer because i accidently right clicked on it, and saw it was Macromedia Flash. Then i tabbed over to this page again, and heard lots of screaming coming from my headphones
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    Winodws RG (really good edition)

    Wrong. Linux computers are more stable. Even though Mac OS X is unix based, its still not as stable as a linux computer
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    Source Engine * cl_predict is now treated as a cheat * Disallow the '%' character in names and the '#' character when at the start of a name * Removed debug cvar snd_mixvol Day of Defeat Source * Added defense scoring bonus. Players now get a point for blocking an...
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    Am I the only one...

    all the hating would end if he was just to shut up.
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    Favourite wallpaper? i always get my wallpapers from there :)
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    load 2 copies of css

    you can play LAN on the same account, but you cant both be on the internet at the same time
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    Your computer books?

    The book of JavaScript the PHP Bible The Complete Reference of C++ Red Hat Linux Fedora Core 3 The Unified Modeling Language User Guide
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    Dual Monitors

    ebay is your friend
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    Rag Doll Kung Fu Pre-load Available

    oh my god thats hilarious!
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    where are the servers?

    there are currently 2,654 DoD:S running