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    GLaDOS is IGN's #1 Villain

    wtf? Did they just pick these at random? space invader aliens ( which are just a few pixels that move around randomly) are in the top 20. How is a character with no personality story or... anything in the top 20.
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    Halo: Reach announced

    typo "Halo reach, fails 2010."
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    Fallout New Vegas debut trailer

    Sweet, this should be fun. Where did you see that screenshot? I didn't feel like reading through the 90% of grizzly bitching that this thread is made of.
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    What will you do the day Ep. 3 comes out?

    Celebrate my 80th birthday! :)
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    hahaha, its just so funny....

    i cant stop laughing, im crying
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    New Rage details!

    yeah... the world and style looks pretty identical to fallout 3. What was it they say in the trailer? " But the automic war was not the end as people predicted." Remind you of something :-P. If it's a good game i'll get it, but I can't help but notice it looks like a fallout 3 copy.
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    Valve is holding their conference today at 2pm pst...

    they probably dont want to announce anything because its going to take as long as TF2 did. gay
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    Its coming

    Awesome, good times hah :P
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    Its coming

    Hey you remember waaaay way back when, before they announced half life 2 was coming out they released that pic of a crow bar and the words its coming? Anyone have that pic?
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    Info received from Valve ONLY - NO questions/discussion

    -----Original Message----- From ------------] Sent: Thursday, April 16, 2009 10:28 PM To: Gabe Newell Subject: Half life Related Hey Gabe, I wrote a question back in I think it was 2006. Not sure if you are still replying but anyway I had a few quick questions. First off, did you see the...
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    That guy looks creepy. It's really funny reading his letter, he keeps talking about how he is leading the movement against video games, and nbc had him on. twice, I think he is just inlove with himself and thinks of himself as a prophet. Whhaaat a douche
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    E.Y.E. new source engine rpg/fps

    looks kinda dated and .... mod-ish
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    Fan-made Episode 3 *Spoilers*

    ok whoever made that video... jesus christ dude. You keep zooming in like crazy and doing 360 turns, and why the hell do you keep running backwords so we can't see what is going on?
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    Back in time to Half Life 1?

    why would the g-man wnat to stop it? He was the one that started it. and yeah... that would be gay.
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    Is Mossman Going to Die?

    Stasis? I just got the impression the G-man teleported him with the same "slow" teleport that happened in hl2. Anyway, I hope she dies, and I hope gordon gets to kill her. "Hey gordon.... why are you.. pointing that gun at me? ... you forgive me for back stabbing you... right... riiighhht?"
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    Rainbow Six: Vegas 2

    I really don't understand why they took r6 and made it into something else, there are plenty of swat team first person shooters and army shooters. Rainbow Six has a different and completely unique style all the way up until ravenshield. After that :(.
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    Gamespot Reviewer fired over Kane and Lynch review

    Lol im sorry dude but i thought that was funny. "never" again. "till they change their policy"
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    Gamespot GOTY 2007

    Lol, I want to know who voted for WWE SmackDown! vs. RAW 2008 So is assassins creed better than all the reviewers say it is? Because according to the vote it is tied for third, just barely behind super Mario galaxy.
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    Starcraft 2 Q&A

    The wraith was my favorite unit in both games, but maybe what they replace it with will be better.