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  1. Musk

    'Spartacus' star Andy Whitfield dies at 39

    Ahhh are you serious??? =( I just finished watching Spartacus series 1 the other day and just started on the second series this week. Damn that sucks =( Such an awesome actor.
  2. Musk

    Call of Duty Black Ops

    Wow It's been a while since I've posted here.... anyway, patch worked great for me, although it was working pretty decent to begin with. Very smooth now =D
  3. Musk

    Episodes of liberty on pc or ps3?

    What title says. Want to pick this game up but unsure which to go for. I would prefer to get on pc but don't want to get a bad ported game. So is the pc version a good port? Any different graphics compared to console version? Cheers guys for the input ^.^  
  4. Musk

    It's finally snowing here

    Well lardy dar.
  5. Musk

    Australia's Conroy reveals plans to censor the Internet

    Wtf first no R18+ classification for games and now this.. Sad times for Australia :(
  6. Musk

    Shooting In Orlando Office

    He doesn't look like a killer.
  7. Musk

    S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernboyl 75% off on Steam

    D: Is this true? That would be a shame :S
  8. Musk

    Are you going to purchase COD4: MW2 :: The re-count

    Yeahhhhh still getting it.
  9. Musk

    Are you going to purchase Call of Duty: MW2?

    Thanks for reminding us.. ;(
  10. Musk

    Woman Arrested for Facebook 'Poke'

    It's not THAT annoying... Sheesh..
  11. Musk

    Duke Nukem 3D - Polymer Render (a.k.a. SHINY!)

    High def boobies!!
  12. Musk

    What kind of alcohol do you prefer?

    Jim Beam is all I really bother with but I'd go with Jack Daniels if could afford it.. Smirnoff vodka is alright but I cant do shots without getting sick quick :(
  13. Musk

    Metal Gear Solid: Peacewalker DEMO OUT!

    Oh it's for PSP...
  14. Musk

    How much do you sleep?

    8 hours preferably but usually about 7 and a half hours.
  15. Musk

    oh god there's ANOTHER COD 6 package....

    Not that I hugely care but how come they never release any special packages for the PC version?
  16. Musk

    Beatles Rock Band

    Ha what will those crazy developers think of next.
  17. Musk

    Are you going to purchase Call of Duty: MW2?

    Eh ah well. Game costs just as much as any other new release title here. Certainly going to get it for PC.
  18. Musk

    Are you going to purchase Call of Duty: MW2?

    Price for the game alone looks pretty standard to me..
  19. Musk

    Speaking of babies...

    Rightio then.