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    S.T.A.L.K.E.R : Shadow of Chernobyl Now Available on Steam

    This game was made of god and win. I *cough* played through all of it on dx8 and it was still one of the most atmospheric games I have ever played (right up there with avp2 as human). I bought it because I had such a blast and because I'm going to play through it again once I build my new...
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    Red Orchestra - Big Update

    It is technically possible to run a 64 player server, however, testing shows that right now with a 3 something ghz woodcrest that the optimal player count for all types of maps is about 50 before major preformance hits occur. It is possible to have 64 players on some infantry maps without major...
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    Valve on Game Head

    What they dont tell you is that the person who dies also comes back to life....
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    Team Fortress 2 Hands-On

    Seems like the old TFC players around here played it like it was team deathmatch, which was "I can only kill half the people in the server" instead of as a teamwork centric game. Teamwork is FUN and IMO it provides a more rewarding gameplay experience. EDIT: LOL at the last dinosaur 2 video...
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    CS 1.6 Ads: Now Screening

    just get the word out to the CS community to stop playing until valve removes the adds. the end
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    It's Now Fall 2007...

    I blame the ps3, that is all. *corollary to this is of course that I blame EA
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    Insects Infestation patch and tutorials

    Been reading much Iliad lately?
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    Prey on Steam

    What I dont entirely understand is how one would define another development house as a "competitor." I understand that they all sell in the same market, but I mean, each can play the others' games and make judgements on them, I'm not entirely sure how knowing sales figures can change how you...
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    Roboblitz Now Available via Steam

    Ya know, its not like people with 2.0 cards didnt know this was going to happen.... At one point epic said that UE3 would be ps3.0 only, so even 2.0b support is surprising to me.
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    New Valve Gameplay Videos

    valve > * AND all three of those games come in the same package :D :D :D
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    Apeture Science Handheld Portal Device = Adrian Shepard?

    Look, the player model is going bald, for some reason I dont think its shepard....
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    Team Fortress 2 Trailer

    Dont forget to watch closely at the shadows on the pyro at the end ;)
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    Portal: Location?

    :o Imagine them redooing hl1 (Blackmesa guys, are you listening?) with the portals opening (same sound) out of thin air and head craps FALLING into the world :D that would be uber! *vvveeeeerraaaaaaapppppp* *headcrab falls out of thin air* *portal closes* EDIT: ROFL! Imagine trapping a...
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    Portal Video everything you need to know about packaging ;)
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    Portal Video

    Arent you glad valve knows who to hire?
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    Portal Video

    ROFL! Imagine multiplayer, where you set up a trap so that there is a portal in the ceiling, and right as someone runs under it you make a portal on the floor so they get stuck in the infinite loop :D
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    Portal Video

    I heard that... should be interesting to see if it is actually tied in.
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    Portal Video

    :O Utterly awesome!!!!!!!! Now if only this, and all that other awesome code that valve has been producing could be somehow worked into the sdk :D This game may very well eclipse ep2!
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    Valve Press Release - Episode 2 and TF2

    I think valve has a veiled joke @ all the people who were talking about how their animation was similar to what was seen only in pixar studios :D
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    Valve Stuns Gamers - EA Conference

    I never cared much for TF and I was hoping that TF2 would be set in the HL universe, ah well. I hope they really do make it a good game though. Sadly the Steam market does feel like it's getting saturated :| dont ask me why.