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  1. Hardy_P

    The Valve Holiday sale-ARG

    I just thought this was worth a mention. Valve is running an ARG in the steam store right now. Here's some info because i'm too lazy to write anything myself. also, keep calm. It's probably just some fun for...
  2. Hardy_P

    Dota 2 "Haunted Colosseum" Halloween Gamemode Released

    What a pleasant surprise, too bad I quit Dota 2 a year back. Maybe it's time to give it another shot!
  3. Hardy_P

    Half Life 2 : update ???!!!!!

    First of all: The amount of exclamation marks and question marks together looks really desperate/confused/furious (pick one) and I rarely see it nowadays, and it was a refreshing to see such emotion instead of all the shitposting I'm used to see in other forums. Secondly: As Vegeta897 pointed...
  4. Hardy_P

    Half Life 2 : update ???!!!!!

    hahah the original post made me laugh!
  5. Hardy_P

    Killing Floor 2

    I'm very exited for this game, The first game was a blast to play, and this one looks like they stepped it up alot! I'd really like one, I'm Hardy P on steam as well.
  6. Hardy_P

    Half-Life 2: Update (Community made mod for Half-Life 2 updates the whole game)

    I agree, but the coloring of the new lights look so orange/yellowish, thats the only downside I can find though.
  7. Hardy_P

    Gabe & Erik Appear on Episode 1 of Geoff Keighley Podcast, Gameslice

    A nice podcast if you have an hour to spare.
  8. Hardy_P

    My introduction.

    Yee, Welcome! :)
  9. Hardy_P

    Another Katowice has ended today...

    I don't come here for the E-sport news anyway, there are other sites for this such as Ongamers, MLG and ESL. Keep up the good work with the Valve news here!
  10. Hardy_P

    Images from the "Not Portal 3" Source 2 Tech Test

    extracted from this pdf.
  11. Hardy_P

    Favorite Dota 2 hero so far...GO!

    Jakiro is a solid pick in my eyes. If I don't pick him, i'd love it if someone else in my team plays him(?).
  12. Hardy_P

    SteamDevDays: Day 1 Round-Up

    That would be really great, even if the research doesn't go there it would be nice with some competition for the VR-industry. :)
  13. Hardy_P

    what are the things you want the most in source 2?

    Better workflow within the SDK-programs and less complicated pipelines for modders.
  14. Hardy_P

    L4D2 "Insecure in launch options" problem

    This is just a guess, but in Steam, rightclick Left 4 Dead 2 -> Properties -> Set Launch Options -> remove -insecure. EDIT: this might give you some answers, but it won't solve it.