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  1. ChiliFan

    UPDATED: Half-Life 3, Left 4 Dead 3, Source 2 + Much More Found on Valve Project Tracker

    Strange that you're focusing on the "Steam Box" entry when we already know that the internal name for their hardware project is "BigFoot" and there's a mailing list for "BigFootDev".
  2. ChiliFan

    Further Half-Life 2: Episode 4 Images Found

    Careful with those thread titles.
  3. ChiliFan

    Steam Trading Cards Officially Revealed

    Forget Half-Life, there's not going to be a new one any time soon. I think Marc Laidlaw's recent comments show that although he would like there to be another game he doesn't have enough support from the rest of the company to actually make it happen.
  4. ChiliFan

    Patch today on HL2: Ep2?

    this is the kind of quality i've come to expect from valve's recent updates:
  5. ChiliFan

    ValveTime Review - Minerva Metastasis Mod Review

    as in "me-TAS-ta-sis"? lol
  6. ChiliFan


    Last weekend I made one of those GoPro videos people seem to like, I think it's pretty cool.
  7. ChiliFan

    UPDATED: Valve Reportedly Showing "Nice Things" At GDC 2013

    While making cryptic comments about secret Valve news is an incredibly cheap (and easy) way to generate page hits, people really should have learned by now that it's never going to be anything to do with a new installment of a Valve game unless Valve themselves say it. And as for Half-Life...
  8. ChiliFan

    UPDATED: Valve Reportedly Showing "Nice Things" At GDC 2013

    Anyone expecting anything vaguely Half-Life-related is going to be disappointed. As always. Some sort of demonstration of a new controller seems plausible.
  9. ChiliFan

    Team Fortress 2 To Become First Official Oculus Rift Title

    Came in here to make a joke about promotional hats but Valve beat me to it.
  10. ChiliFan

    Half-Life 2: Episode 3 listed on Norwegian game store pricing chart.

    Gamestop has been doing this for ages. They make up an end-of-quarter release date to convince people to pre-order and just change it when that date passes. Last year it was 31/12/2012, now it's 30/06/2013. In 3 months' time they'll change it to 31/12/2013.
  11. ChiliFan

    Gabe Picks Up Academy Fellowship BAFTA Award, Says Steambox Prototype 3-4 Months Away

    Turns out "Ricochet 2" meant literally Ricochet 2.
  12. ChiliFan

    [UPDATE] Counter-Strike and Half-Life Released On Linux And Mac

    And it downloads even if you have automatic updates disabled, so back up the previous files if you have a chance.
  13. ChiliFan

    Valve: the least fan-friendly company of all time?

    It's pretty unfair to assume that people who only enjoy Valve's Half-Life games don't do anything else with their lives.
  14. ChiliFan

    Valve: the least fan-friendly company of all time?

    Most of the people on this forum joined ""; just because the site has changed its name to stay relevant doesn't mean that the members have to become interested in Dota 2 and hat stores.
  15. ChiliFan

    Steambox/Piston discussion

    Not to mention that presumably they'd need to know about running Windows programs in Linux or dual-booting in order to play the vast majority of games.
  16. ChiliFan

    [UPDATED] The first "Steam Box" Is Called Piston, Being Shown At CES This Week

    No hardware releases or announcements from Valve this year:
  17. ChiliFan

    Jeremy Bennett Found Wearing A Half-Life 3 T-Shirt

    Source 2 is in development yes, that's news. But all he said was that they are waiting for "a game" and you've just assumed Half-Life 3 because of past history with their engines. But I'm not interested in them. I only have time for single-player games these days and Counter-Strike and Dota...