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  1. Aizawa

    MEGA CITY ONE: Half-Life 2 Episode 2 MOD

    I wasn't active here for some time (but I followed the YT channel!), so coming back with an "advertisement" for myself might be a shady. Anyway, I'm currently working on a Half-Life 2 Episode 2 Mod. My first one. Made some single custom maps before, but now I'm doing a big project, a...
  2. Aizawa

    can you stop spamming twitter?

    can you pls stop spamming twitter Valvetime?
  3. Aizawa

    LiberationVille is out! Half-Life 2 Episode 2 Custom Maps

    Hi, LiberationVille is released! It's a mapping challenge. The goal was to create a level for Half-Life 2 Episode 2 with "Liberation" as the main theme. More details can be found on the challenge page. I'm posting this here, because first I think these challenges are great, if you are looking...
  4. Aizawa

    JJ Abrams talks about Half-Life movie! Quote: "Not yet, but they're in development," he answered. "And we've got writers, and we're working on both those stories. But nothing that would be an exciting update."
  5. Aizawa


    Don't buy it!!!! Its so ****ing bad. And its NEVER EVER worth 10€. There are so many free maps and mods for HL2 which are SOOOO MUCH better. And for 10€ you can buy some really great indie titles. In some aspects in completely shits on the Half-Life lore and franchise. I'm just so pissed off...
  6. Aizawa

    Half-Life 3 confirmed and coincidences

    I just watched this video and had to think about all the Half-Life 3 confirmed moments of the internet.
  7. Aizawa

    favorite games 2015

    what were your favorite games of this year? Here are mine: Was a GREAT year for gaming if you ask me.
  8. Aizawa

    de_Steinhausen CHECKOUT MY AWESOME MAP

    Hi, Steam workshop link: Steinhausen is a defusal map set in an old german village at the mountains. The map is mainly designed for smaller match ups, mainly 5vs5, but should also work okay with 10vs10 and supports up to 24...
  9. Aizawa

    Dark Souls Design Analysis

    Obvious self promotion is obvious. Hi, I made another video. This time: Dark Souls. I appreciate any feedback! Because my english is not great, my pronounciation at least, I recommend using subtitles.
  10. Aizawa

    Serious Sam 3 Design Analysis

    Hey. I want to show you something, but it is kinda embarassing for me, because I just started to talk in my videos xD I really like talking about game design, so I want to make videos where I appreciate some niche games who do some things really well and explore why they are so good at it...
  11. Aizawa


    Holy ... This game is my dream come true (well if it turns out to be as good as it looks) No bullshit. Just you, the weapons, enemies and levels. No idiot telling you what to do over radio, no objective screen, you just ****ing play. And weapon and enemy design also looks great. I dont need...
  12. Aizawa

    I present you: "Bedtime" - defusal csgo map by me

    Hi, this is a map I've worked on for a long time now. I think now is a good time to show it to the public and I thought I could also make a post on Should I post screenshots here, or is it ok if they are just on the workshop page? Anyway, here it is: Steam Workshop link...
  13. Aizawa


    Guys. I never thought the day would come when we get another game designed like the old FPS games like Half-Life, Quake or Return to Castle Wolfenstein. There were some games which got close like Metro Last Light, Bioshock Infinite and Wolfenstein The New Order, but they chose different...
  14. Aizawa

    Best Games 2014

    Best AAA Games 2014 PC (top ten order in video description) Best Indie/ Low Budget Games 2014 PC What are your favorite Games of the year?
  15. Aizawa

    Best Game Soundtracks 2014

    Hi! I made a collection of my favorite soundtracks from 2014. This is not a top ten or something like that, just want ot celebrate last year´s soundtracks. Tell me what your favorites are!
  16. Aizawa

    Best Games of All Time

    Hi, I wanted to share a video I made, I hope thats okay :) I made this just for fun, but I put some effort into it. I hope you like it. Also I would like to hear what your favorite games are. If you want a full list you can checkout the description of the video. made with Windows Movie Maker...
  17. Aizawa

    Dota 2 Bugs: tower animation and facial animations

    Hi, I played Dota 2 for a long time now and I always thought this is how it is supposed to be. I never watched that much videos, so I never realized one thing until TI4. The towers of the radiance explode very ugly on my version for some reason. On TI4 (And every other video) when the radiance...
  18. Aizawa

    Your favorite game music ever?

    I listened to some of my favorite video music again and thought I wanted to share it with people, cause my real life friends dont really care much about this stuff, they only play League, Hearthstone all day -.- Of course I want to hear what you guys think and hear some of your favorite...
  19. Aizawa

    CS:GO still crashing after 5th February update.

    Hello, as the title says, after that update the game started randomly crashing for me, and for other people too. Now its 5 days since the update, and still no fix? But also nobody seem to complain anymore, so I wondered did they actually fixed it, but for me it still does crash for some other...