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    FAKE: European Half-Life 3/Portal 3 Trademarks Filed

    Because it makes no sense to employ level designers, artists, etc. to sit on their hands all day. For all Valve is diversifying, they still have a large number of people on board who are really good at making games. Having them not make games would be crazy.
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    Steam Workshop's new feature: Discussions

    If this isn't the prototype of a forum system to replace the vB Steam Forums, I'll be very surprised; far too much implementation necessary there for this to be Steam Workshop only.
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    Steam Download Improvements

    It's called Courgette, and it is indeed pretty awesome. Doesn't need source code, though; it works by doing a disassembly of the compiled executable. It'd be a smart idea if Valve incorporated this algorithm, as it...
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    Left 4 Dead 2 Trailer Leaked

    Wow, that was an awesome trailer. Pre-ordered. I was going to anyway, I guess, but that just put me over the edge.
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    Left 4 Dead 2 Possibly Banned in Australia

    At a guess, I'd say hacking off body parts with melee weapons.
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    Left 4 Dead 2 Possibly Banned in Australia

    Worst case scenario, I imagine, is Valve give Australia the neutered version they normally give Germany. I don't know what changes they make to L4D, but I know in TF2 they have things like the blood is turned black, gibs become random objects like springs, rubber ducks, etc.
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    Can you manipulate the flow of time - Braid

    I'd use the incredible benefits of time-travel computation (see to build myself the world's best gaming computer, and use it to play L4D, L4D2, TF2 and Episode 3 at absurdly high framerates.
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    Another Interview with Chet Faliszek

    Have to say I'm glad they've made that change. If the melee weapon replaces your standard weapon, it just places them into the penalty box rather than the fun box. I imagine they'll let you swing at zombies' legs with the melee weapon. Maybe. The incapped pistol was always hilariously...
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    Playing Half-Life With A Real Gun

    Fourier transforms are nifty.
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    Dawn of War 2 Multiplayer Beta Hosted By Steam

    TrueSkill is really interesting, as it turns out. It came out of Microsoft Research, and it's actually better than something like ELO. It keeps track of both how good it thinks you are, and the level of uncertainty it has about your skill. When you start, it's very uncertain about your skill...
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    Black Mesa Official Trailer Released

    They need to get a bittorrent link up or things are going to start getting interesting...
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    Valve is in Your Head

    It's interesting how they're trying to turn game design into an exact science, and apparently succeeding. The scary thing is that no doubt L4D is generating huge amounts of statistical data that Valve is using to monitor how the game is actually playing out there in the real world. I...
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    NPC AI a letdown?

    I have to say though, the boss infected AI is pretty damn good. They do a good job of really screwing you up sometimes - I have to say I'm looking forward to getting to play as them!
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    Half-Life 2 Automatic Updates, Size Of

    Depending on what retail product you buy, there will be different sized updates required. Buying the Orange Box, you'd need no updates for HL2 at all, and probably not for Episode One either. Episode Two and Portal would need some fairly small engine updates, and TF2 would need pretty huge...
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    Question about resolution..

    1680x1050 is a supported resolution, 1680x1015 is not. I think it may be a typo on the OP's part as 1680x1015 would be an odd aspect ratio!
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    Making of Left 4 Dead Video Presentation

    Does look amazing - I really want to play this. Only thing that bothers me is how their lips weren't moving when they talked, but I can chalk that up to the game not actually being finished yet.
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    Portal: Prelude

    Looks good! I thought for a minute it would be official, though :(
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    Got Steam HL & 10 mins to test something?

    You know, to get Steam HL, you just need to enter your original HL CD-Key into Steam. Unless your game packaging has gone totally AWOL, you should be able to get it. Heck, I think the CD-Key gets stored somewhere in the registry anyway.
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    Left 4 Dead Box Art Revealed

    I quite like the art, it's visually compelling, I think, but cannot something be done about those hideous PC DVD logos?
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    Pyro Update Details

    Compared to the Medic acheivements, none of them make you do anything really, really stupid (like ubering a Heavy, and having him go forth and punch things) while most of them encourage good team-play (like, stand on the point and set every single everyone capturing it on fire!). It's good...