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  1. ailevation

    Nuclear Dawn: That MP FPS RTS game

    I am rather enjoying this game a lot. The commander and ground troop dynamic leads to pretty fun rounds.
  2. ailevation

    Your most recent hardware purchase

    I just bought me an Intel X-25 80GB G2 and a WD 1TB RE3 Caviar Black for my upcoming x58 build. It's going to be beast mode.
  3. ailevation

    Post a screenshot!

    Wolfenstein was the worse $54 dollars spent on, ever. Even worse that I bought it from Target as they have a shitty return policy for PC games. The MP is just disastrous, in fact the team that was responsible for it was fired
  4. ailevation

    So an Xbox Live 1600 point card is 20 dollars...

    I wouldn't exactly blame 'rich' kids. I think companies target audience are not people with extra spending money to spend said extra money on avatar accessories or other stuff they nickel and dime. Just take a look at people who cannot handle their finances correctly and instead they opt out...
  5. ailevation

    WTF is this? Wolverine and Iron Man Anime

    That wolverine one is pure gay. Without the obvious Marvel branding, you would say that shit was a knock-off of Marvel's character, Wolverine.
  6. ailevation

    NeoTokyo Releasing Today

    FYI NeoTokyo was introduced as a UT2K4 mod and Ravenshield was done on the Unreal 2.0 engine, but still remains similar. I wouldn't be surprised if the team was influenced by some of RVS gameplay elements. Maybe that's why i'm drawn to this game... because RVS was GOLDEN:thumbs:
  7. ailevation

    Video Games and the Uncanny Valley

    Very interesting and informative. The video kinda generalizes games into 2 separate categories, what about games that are "stylized-photo realistic"?
  8. ailevation

    America's Army dev team laid off after AA3 launch.

    awww free game dissapoints
  9. ailevation

    New PC, advice please.

    Sweet, you can still do good with that amount, even for ArmA 2, with decent settings. To give you and idea... right now I am running an e8400 oc'd @ 4.0 ghz, with a 1:1 ratio with 4 gigs of gskill ram rated with a stock fsb of 1066, but running it at 445, so 900 mhz, a gigabyte ep45 ud3p, and a...
  10. ailevation

    New PC, advice please.

    Of course games don't depend on just CPU processing power alone. You have to factor in graphics and ram as well. I'm not saying all games are either strictly GPU or CPU dependent, but the general consensus is, that higher resolutions usually depend on higher GPU power as well. Now, sure most...
  11. ailevation

    New PC, advice please.

    Of course he's going to be paying a higher price, it's whole new platform that's not even one year-old yet. But, the performance is undeniable. Even the lowest in the i7 platform have already proven that it substantially performs better than the highest end 775 build which can be had for a...
  12. ailevation

    New PC, advice please.

    the 965 is about to be phased out and be replaced with the 975 for roughly the same price with better performance. Really though price-performance would be a huge waste, just stick with a 920. But intel's roadmap is so messed up these days, the 920 is going to be phased out soon and be...
  13. ailevation

    Just another rant about current-gen games.

    I havent encountered any major bugs in Fable 2, mostly clipping issues. Well, there's the money glitch, but that's more of a design flaw where because it uses Xbox 360's clock and the ability to manually set the time yourself.
  14. ailevation

    here's a question for you...physics

    I'm pretty sure water and any other liquid is compressible, just a matter of how much force you're putting down, once you compress it'll just get more dense.
  15. ailevation

    Jack Thompson Playstation 2

    Props. Pretty clever job you did there. Does the tray still come out?
  16. ailevation

    Post a screenshot!

    Arma 2 is gonna bring my system to it's knees. Can't wait til it comes out
  17. ailevation

    What console.

    You're thinking about getting a PS3 because your closest friend is telling you to. You're thinking about selling your xbox 360 and games just to buy a PS3. Keep the 360, you already have games for it and most of your friends have 360's. Ultimately get the PS3 whether you're gonna buy it with...
  18. ailevation

    Ram upgrade = Slow Performance?

    Run memtest to test to see if your ram is bad. You might want to test them all at the same time, then individually. Also 3 x 2 gig sticks means you're not running dual channel and those P45 mobos don't run triple channel. Because you're not running dual channel wouldn't mean it would make...
  19. ailevation

    Flashpoint 2

    I guess the bullet actually being a "physical object" is too broad to describe nowadays? Maybe it's more about how dynamic the bullet will behave. When the dude said the bullets are actual physics objects, that sounds like they're onto something. Maybe instead of the cliche bullets can...
  20. ailevation

    Post a screenshot!