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    My uncle writes a lot of highly entertaining songs, I recently got to sit down and record an old favorite "Floyd". (Yea, that's right, I actually have a story for this video. haha)
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    Long Beach Police on the look out for photos that have “No Apparent Esthetic Value”

    Oh good grief... One step closer to living in a police state. Freaking idiots running our country.
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    Acronyms and the strong emotions that pronunciations inspire

    oddly, SQL and Sequel reference two different database types in my head. S.Q.L immediately gets tied with MySQL (My S.Q.L.) and Sequel gets tied to MS SQL.
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    Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

    That...was one of the best Oblivion videos I've ever seen. haha
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    Obama conducts "one of the greatest attacks on working people in U.S. history"

    Because Socialist Worker is a wonderful source for unbiased opinion. :lol:
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    Anyone considering not supporting Obama in 2012?

    You guys all think so two dimensional... I'm voting 3rd party no matter what. The two options we're given are ALWAYS bad, we need a 3rd party to come to power in the states, and that won't happen so long as people refuse to vote 3rd party.
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    Arizona Senator brings gun to senate, points it at reporter to demo laser sight

    Having shot guns a couple times at a range, and placing myself in that situation: 1st reaction, pull gun, point, and let them know quite clearly to stop or I'll shoot. If they fled? No worried. Froze? Direct them to keep distance, and raise the light level. Became aggressive? Shoot. Leg shot...
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    Arizona Senator brings gun to senate, points it at reporter to demo laser sight

    I know many people who own guns. From family, to friends. None of them would even *think* of pointing an UNLOADED gun at someone. It's just plain not done.
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    Going to see the last shuttle launch!

    Go to the space park in Titusville, then start walking south along the shore. The space park is about as close as you are going to get, but much of that shoreline is prime viewing area. :)
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    Going to see the last shuttle launch!

    ...I had not noticed that, thanks for pointing it out! (Plus, that will make the caption so much better. ;) )
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    Going to see the last shuttle launch!

    This was a shot I took from the Endeavor Launch, taken with a 200mm lens on a 60D You'd see about the same with a good pair of binoculars. Although it's impressive with the naked eye...thing is freaking BRIGHT! Photos do NOT do that justice.
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    Going to see the last shuttle launch!

    I went to the last launch of the Endeavor. Got there at 5am for a 8:54 launch. (in Titusville, 11 miles from the pad, closest you can get without tickets to the causeway viewing area). Place was mobbed. Bridge is the best viewing spot, but it was already packed. Went to the space park, packed...
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    Why the growing animosity and outright hatred towards overweight people?

    Eh, I'll admit to a few fat jokes. (Then again, I'll also admit to skinny jokes!) but there isn't any animosity in them, or my attitudes towards the obese. That said, I have no sympathy for someone who lets themselves get that obese. Pro Tip: Stop eating so much, and so much bad food, and get...
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    Pope's Pedophilia Adviser Arrested for... Pedophilia

    The catholic church needs to be handing these guys over to authorities as quickly as possible. I mean...doing internal dragnet searches and handing em over pronto. Burning them at the stake, if you will.
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    Christian protestors destroy Piss Christ

    As an arts major, I can fill you in on something. 99% of the time an "artist" just does whatever the frak they want, then comes up with a bullshit reason for why they did it. Easier to come up with symbolism after the fact.
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    Airport Security on the look out for people who complain about ..airport security

    **** that. I'll just drive to Canada for vacation. Seriously. Screw the TSA.
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    The female Bieber sensation

    ...I'm sorry, autotuned to crap, lyrics were terrible. I'm not one to try to dash someones dreams or something, Just no.
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    Wisconsin Democrats Take Their Ball and Go AWOL

    They shouldn't get a paycheck until they are back doing their jobs.
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    Who is still here from the good old days?

    I suppose I count, although I just lurk occasionally now.
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    Black mother jailed for sending black kids to a mostly white school district

    Hrm... tough call...but this has happened to many people, white and black. Race isn't the issue, they lied, and got caught.