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  1. silverstealth89

    PSP to sell

    i hear you. its just its so beautiful, but yeah i can keep my Area-51m Alienware lol :)
  2. silverstealth89

    PSP to sell

    geez how is this thread the end of me. there's nothing wrong in askin if anybody does want their PSP. and anyways continue the convo on some other not. MGS is a great game
  3. silverstealth89

    PSP to sell

    if anyone got a PSP they'd like to sell send me a PM. I'm begging you
  4. silverstealth89

    Did u think ther's a game gona........?!see,&rate(&)review

    half life2 won game of the year you cant mess with that
  5. silverstealth89

    The Real Eli Vance

    omg i watched this exact same episode of enterprise best one yet
  6. silverstealth89

    HL2 on Hard completed with 0 total damage

    lol people are crazy
  7. silverstealth89


    I'm not usre if this is allowed but I;d like to post that the NME clan is willing to face any other clan in CS:S. got to . The reason for this is since CAL has started we just need a wee bit of practice. Any CAL clans out there please go to the website and go into the forum and...
  8. silverstealth89

    few funny model pics i found

    i like the barney hitler combo pretty funny
  9. silverstealth89

    First Half-life 3 screenshot

    lol you people that was a good fake shot
  10. silverstealth89

    WTF? Valve playing the game for us?

    lol nice one
  11. silverstealth89

    South Park Static Background

    looks great
  12. silverstealth89

    This is really ****en wierd

    um thats just the moniter
  13. silverstealth89

    We Lost!!!

    what ever in my heart HL2 is better
  14. silverstealth89

    White boxes on light sources...

    omg look at the proccessor
  15. silverstealth89

    New Spraylogos Website Goes Online!!

    there is like 2 sprays
  16. silverstealth89

    HL2 Accidental Porn

    most likely
  17. silverstealth89

    Build the HL2 Crowbar!

    lol good idea
  18. silverstealth89

    watermelon catapult

    lol thats oretty funny
  19. silverstealth89

    Low fps

    no its not a 2.8 is pretty good. i could understand if it would be 1.6/ but otherwise its ok
  20. silverstealth89


    hey i over exaggerate leave me alone