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  1. chimer

    do you use a custom skin for your steam?

    yeah metro's a nice skin. but that color scheme and steam skin does bring back some nostalgia. :d i remember using that steam skin for years before the grey theme came out.
  2. chimer

    do you use a custom skin for your steam?

    i haven't even used windows 8, i wonder what a steam skin based on windows 7 would look like. O_O maybe you're referring to this one? i just changed my theme to air. :D it's pretty nice so far. pretty happy with the change.
  3. chimer

    do you use a custom skin for your steam?

    i just started looking into steam skins. didn't know before that i could set custom ones. pretty cool feature that i haven't heard about. but i've been testing out different ones, right now i'm using an inverted steam skin, which is pretty nice. probably going to use the original (the army...
  4. chimer

    hey whats up

    good. i dont like jizz or water. :confused:
  5. chimer

    thinking about buying L4D merch

    the atomizer would be cool as hell to have.
  6. chimer

    New steam ID converter

    pretty nice tool, definitely going to start using this one over the one i currently use (steamidconverter). :) thanks for the share and the hard work!
  7. chimer

    Something about L4D3

    maybe all this L4D3 talk is just a conspiracy and valve is trying to hype it up.
  8. chimer

    The Adventures of Gordon Freeman: In Color!

    so good, can i subscribe via email so i can get them instantly and enjoy them?
  9. chimer

    thinking about buying L4D merch

    l4d's a great series so far imo, so great that i'm thinking about buying this anyone here ever buy anything like that for l4d, or any game really
  10. chimer

    which CS are you playing now a days?

    i'm playing less and less of GO, and have started playing good ol' 1.6 again. started getting back into it because a steam friend of mine is trying to develop a 1.6 mod so he kind of has a small community of friends testing it and playing it.
  11. chimer

    hey whats up

    hey, new to this forum, dig time fan of valve. love their games, particularly their CS series. :) thought i'd sign up and discuss it up about valve with like minded people. whatttup.