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  1. Insano

    Crab synth

    So, do you think we'll encounter them in Episode 3? I sure hope so. Ever since they were shown at the end of HL2, I was expecting them to turn up in Episode 1 and later Episode 2. For information:
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    Is it possible to get a PM if a post of yours is quoted? I can't find the option in my User CP.
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    Do you drive stick or automatic?

    Stick here.
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    Woah woah!

    Awesome site design!
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    Dublin's Places To Be

    Greetings, fellow humans. I'll keep my message short. I'm visiting Ireland in September for four days with two friends, and am looking for places, events, pubs, ... I must certainly visit during that time. Since a great number here lives in the UK and Ireland, I was thinking you could help...
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    How To Confuse An Idiot

  7. Insano

    Jizz In My Pants :')
  8. Insano

    Belgium, and what's wrong with it

    I thought a nice break from the US election talk would be healthy for some of you ;) You may or not know there's a country out there, called Belgium. It has a very troubled history, and since the elections of June 2007 this has escalated. We're now at the point where nobody knows anymore how...
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    Holy ****ing titty christ!

    I passed my exams cum laude :D
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    Images resized

    Is it possible for images above a certain resolution to be resized and a link put to their location to view the original? It bugs me that some images stretch my entire screen. Thanks.
  11. Insano

    I had a dream...

    I just woke up, and I dreamt that Valve was developing a Spiderman game. The thing was that everybody was so enthousiastic on this forum... That was some frakked up shit, if you ask me :| Anybody else having these kind of weird dreams?
  12. Insano

    H_Pitty in tha hood
  13. Insano

    Big Belly Man NO WAI D: Extra:
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    Snowcanon joke
  15. Insano

    Japanese Hitler
  16. Insano

    Possible modifications

    I wonder if they will release an SDK for L4D so you can develop mods. One mod I would love to see is a more "realistic" approach of a zombie infection. Zombies would only be able to walk, you can only sprint for a short distance, ammo would be sparse, you can't see teammembers through walls, ...
  17. Insano

    Famous last words

    Picture this. It's ten days from now. You're sentenced to death, and the whole world will watch it happen. The fun side is that you have the opportunity to say something epic, something that everybody will remember for the rest of their lives. How epic would you be? Or would you just phail?
  18. Insano

    I turn 18 in a couple of minutes!

    ... and I couldn't care less. Nothing seems to interest me anymore lately. I feel so empty. This has been going on for the last two years, I think. It seems like I'm just living a dream, and I just don't care how it ends. I don't even want to think about it either, just go with the flow...
  19. Insano

    Japanese Tetris' sweet :p
  20. Insano

    Impressive Insurgency Media Release

    360? panorama views: INS_Almaden Panorama INS_Karkar Panorama INS_Baghdad Panorama INS_Haditha Panorama Weapon videos: